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Ni No Kuni 2 - Secret 10th Dreamer's Door Maze Boss Fight:

Tutorial Name: Ni No Kuni 2 - Secret 10th Dreamer's Door Maze Boss Fight:  

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Ni No Kuni 2 - Thwomp Level 95 Boss Fight in 10th Dreamer's Door Maze for trophy "Dream Big".

This is the highest-level boss in the game!

DREAMER'S DOOR LOCATIONS: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]


- If you have trouble, grind to level 95 by replaying the last story boss. You can simply lock on to him and then attack using :square: (quick strikes). Skip the final cutscene, reload the game from main menu and repeat. You get half a level up every time. Took me 6 hours to grind from level 70 to 95.

- Team: Leander (main character), Roland, Bracken

- Important Skills: Leanders' Gorgon Eye, Bracken's Pyre Pillar (level 15).

- Before going into the fight make sure Leander's Weapon Gauges are all at 100%. Refill the mana of all 3 characters to the maximum.

- Put the tactics tweaker to boost fire resistance + damage boost versus brutal foes.

- Bring 3 x Rosehip Tart (can be cooked in Evermore's Cookshop). It will make the weapon charge build up more quickly to 100%. Eat it as soon as the fight starts (or shortly before the fight).

- Use weapons that have an A-Rating for charge speed.

- Use Quickfire Ring (5 stars) to build up charged attacks more quickly and Wizard's Little Helper Pendant to make spells cost less MP (acquired from Tainted Monster #60).

- Now use Leander's Gorgon Eye to stun-lock the boss. When the boss is down, attack him to build up a new weapon charge to 100% and get back MP. When he stands up immediately hit him with another 100% charged weapon's Gorgon Eye Spell. The boss will now go down again and you can repeat indefinitely. The key here is to make a character-build for charge speed to stun-lock the enemy. Bracken's Pyre Pillar (level 15) can also stun him in one hit (only at 100% charge).

- Leander also has the best evasion. And because the boss is so huge he's easy to hit with Leander's :triangle: attacks.

- At level 70 the fight takes forever and the boss one-hits you. You really should grind out the levels. You can practice on Tainted Monster #60, it's an exact replica of the final boss in 10th Maze. When you can defeat that monster repeatedly you are ready for the maze (must have defeated the first 50 Tainted Monsters to make #60 spawn. You also get good gear from Tained Monsters).


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Thanks for this, I enjoy this game and this should really help me get past this often difficult section S.D.