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Detroit Become Human - NOTHING TO SEE HERE

Tutorial Name: Detroit Become Human - NOTHING TO SEE HERE  

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Detroit Become Human - NOTHING TO SEE HERE Trophy Guide - Kara succeeded to make the cop go away [Bronze]

Chapter: Midnight Train
During this chapter a cop will automatically come to the house you\'re staying at.

- When the cop rings the doorbell you have 50 seconds to prepare everything before you open! I\'ll describe the locations of everything when facing the door.
- On the left side of the room (when facing door), close the cupboard where the blue blood is stored.
- On the kitchen table be sure the magazine shows the World War III topic (the default one), not the Android for Sale.
- Talk to Luther, choose :triangle: UPSTAIRS - he must go upstairs with Alice
- On the right side of the room, there\'s a blue android shirt on a cupboard. Hide it in the cupboard.
- To the left of the door, close the door to the side room where the other androids are hiding.
- Doing all this completes the objective "No Deviant Evidence Left".
- Now you can open the door for the cop, but be sure you do it in time (under 50 seconds).
- Make Coffee
- Dialogue #1: :circle: ALICE
- Dialogue #2: :circle: YES
- Dialogue #3: :circle: TIRED (when cop talks to Adam)
- Dialogue #4: :square: WASHING MACHINE
---- Cop leaves and chapter ends, trophy unlocked!


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