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Detroit Become Human - A GLIMPSE OF JERICHO

Tutorial Name: Detroit Become Human - A GLIMPSE OF JERICHO  

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Detroit Become Human - A GLIMPSE OF JERICHO Trophy Guide - Connor connected to Simon [Bronze]

Chapters: The Stratford Tower & Public Enemy

This trophy takes place across 2 chapters! Luckily, they are consecutive chapters (they are both directly connected with no other chapters in between). If you\'ve already unlocked trophy WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER trophy you will have to reload the last checkpoint and replay from there.

CHAPTER: The Stratford Tower (Checkpoint: On the Rooftop)

-At the top floor, after calling the service elevator and reuniting with your android allies, there will be a security checkpoint in a hallway with two Security Guards. Here you must pick option: ASSAULT & shoot the guard by the phone - results in Simon getting hurt

- After entering the broadcast room a guy will run out. Pick :circle: SHOOT - results in Simon getting to the rooftop alive before armed forces catch up to him, but due to his wounds he can\'t come with you and hide on the rooftop instead

- After recording your speech, once at the rooftop, the androids will discuss whether to kill Simon or leave him behind. Choose : LEAVE. - Results in Simon staying alive so that Connor can connect to him later.

CHAPTER: Public Enemy

- Navigate Connor upstairs to the rooftop and investigate the pool - of blue blood.

Follow the blue blood to a secret door on the left side of the rooftop (you can see the blood when scanning with :r2: ).

- When you open the door to Simon\'s hiding place he will shoot Connor.

- The police will start shooting at Simon. When you\'re behind cover choose :circle: CHARGE DEVIANT.

- Complete the resulting button sequence to avoid the bullets and to reach Simon before the police shoots him. You\'ll automatically probe him at this point and the chapter ends.


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Great tutorial mikey thanks for posting this!