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Sonic & Knuckles - Lava Reef Zone

Tutorial Name: Sonic & Knuckles - Lava Reef Zone  

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[3.4] Lava Reef Zone

Act 1 -
As the name says, there will be lava here, including lava waterfall! There
will be automatic exploding stone where it will explodes itself when you go
near it.

This place should be easy and after that, you'll reach a Mini-Boss.

Mini-Boss - Spinning Wheels and Hand Machine - 15 Hits
Maybe it's 15 hits but I forgot a little. Hit one of the two spinning wheels
that shoots out fires. Hit one of the spinning wheel three times and it will
be destroyed.

Then, whether you destroy the spinning wheels or not, the hand will appear and
try and hit one of the finger three times to destroy the finger completely.
When it closes its hand, hit the finger.

This should be a little easy.

Act 2 -
This place will become dramatically harder as more traps will appear,
including the cloud-like machine which will decrease your rings when you get
hit by it.

At certain part, you will have to get past the spikes. See carefully at the
rotating spikes and when it goes at the back of the pillar, quickly go past it.

Continue until you see a series of steps. Climb it and you'll see the ever-
annoying Knuckles throwing a big boulder at Sonic, making him tumble and fall.

Then, Death Egg appear and flashed it eyes, making the whole place burns.
Then, an automatic guided missile machine appears and will target and shoot

Be sure to run quickly and jump to other platform carefully so you won't fall
to lava pits. After that, jump to floating platforms that are going downwards.

Search around here carefully and you'll find the useful Fire Shield item box.
Take it and jump down where Dr. Robotnik will appear.

Boss - Dr. Robotnik's Spike Throwing Machine - 8 Hits
Dr. Robotnik will appear on the right so always stand in the middle and the
floor will be lava so stand on the platform everytime. He will shoot spike-
balls so jump from platform to platform to let the spike-ball hit himself.

Do this 8 times and Dr. Robotnik will get burned again.


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