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Sonic & Knuckles - Sandopolis Zone

Tutorial Name: Sonic & Knuckles - Sandopolis Zone  

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[3.3] Sandopolis Zone

Act 1 -
*yawn* I hate this place the most. Why? It's hard and it has ghosts. There
will be machinery robots here and you must push yellow brick to make it move
where you must jump on it.

Be careful not to fall down to yellow 'sea' or you'll die. Sometimes, this
yellow 'sea' brings you to a place.

Just continue, envy the 'not-so beautiful' place and you'll at last, reach the
end for a Mini-Boss.

Mini-Boss - Stone Robot - 1 Hit
One hit! Is it so simple? No, you must not even hit him on the head as it is
completely useless.

Since this dumb robot will keep following you, lure it towards the mini-
yellow 'sea'. While you're in it, jump repeatedly until it falls right to it
and destroyed completely.

Simple, isn't it? Sonic will enter the door and prepare for ghostly place!

Act 2 -
I really, really hate this part the most! It's annoying! The place will be
dark and use your eye carefully on the hanger thing that is used to light the

Continue until you automatically fall right onto a capsule to release ghosts!

Now, pay attention carefully. As you may very well know, ghosts will not
appear where there is bright light. But, the light that you make will grow
dimmer and more dangerous ghosts will appear and attack you when it's
completely dark.

Try and find for the hanger and hang on it to light the place for a while. An
easy trick when you can't find the hanger and it's really dark, find for the
lamppost and make sure you have enough rings to enter the bonus stages. When
you come out, it will be bright a bit.

There's lots of parts that needs you to push the black thing to make
the 'door' 'disappear' for a while.

Also, at one part, you need to jump as high as you can to a moving platform
instead of Spin Dash to the bumper to bring you higher as it's almost

At the end, fight Dr. Robotnik once more.

Boss - Dr. Robotnik's Ancient Robot - 8 Hits
When he moves forward (players of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 will remember this
similar boss) without his hands knocking you, jump on the hand and quickly
attack his face.

This will reveal Dr. Robotnik and you must quickly attack him. Continue 8
times and this mad guy will run away.

Jump on the capsule and 'Hooray!', you have completed one of the hardest and
worst stage ever!


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