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Sonic & Knuckles - Mushroom Hill Zone

Tutorial Name: Sonic & Knuckles - Mushroom Hill Zone  

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[3.1] Mushroom Hill Zone

Act 1 -
Continue as usual. Spikes and new enemies are not forgotten as you travel to
the zone. At the end, your mini-boss appears.

Mini-Boss - Wood Chopper - 6 Hits
An easy boss and you can defeat it in no time. When you enter his area, you'll
find long woods are standing still. The Wood Chopper will come down and chops
them down so be sure to stand underneath him to avoid it.

Then, attack at the area that don't have fire underneath. Repeat this 6 times
to win.

Act 2 -
Now, enter Act 2 to find almost the same area as above, including annoying
blowing chickens and traps.

To get out from the 'rope trap' that ties you, spin to a direction to get out
from it.

There's also item boxes that will help you a lot too. Continue until you saw
the radar.

Boss - Dr. Robotnik's Spike Trap Machine - 8 hits
When you see the radar, hit it and continue hitting it to hit Dr. Robotnik.
Then, he'll run away and you must get ready.

Run at him and try to hit him as soon as his fire was gone. You must also try
to avoid spikes that will block you.

Hit him 8 times and his machine will be almost exploding when he run straight
into a tree! Then, jump onto the capsule and you'll finish that zone.

After that, Sonic will see a mouse-like creature controlling an aeroplane.
He'll then jump onto it and then continue the level.


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