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Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - Mad Gear Act 1

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - Mad Gear Act 1  

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~~Mad Gear Act 1: Dr. Eggman's Secret Base~~

Ride up the platform and use the steam to boost you high into the sky. The
level is a little straightforward at the start so I'll skip to the part where
you run into the pistons for the first time. Never stand underneath them or you
will be crushed. Always look above them to make sure you won't get spiked and
crushed to death. After the first pistons, ride past the Asterons and wait for
them to explode to avoid being hit by a stray bullet. Let the pistons come down
and make a break for it across them because the third one has twin spikes above
so no safe spot there. Enter the teleporter and get a big boost and run down
the slope through the walls and through the steam to boost high. Now use the
Bubbles to get to a high platform and kill the Shellcracker. Let the piston
come down and ride it up. The middle steam boost you the highest. You will use
the steam + Bubbles to go up constantly.

Hit the lamppost and use the steam and the Bubbles to get across again. Just
remember that there is a red Bubbles in the front this time. Get to the steam
behind the Bubbles set and use the next Bubbles set for leverage and kill the
Shellcracker if needed. You will come across a floor piston and several ceiling
pistons. Let the floor piston go down. As soon as the floor piston comes down,
rev up a Spin Dash and let go when it rises up and you'll avoid all the ceiling
pistons in rapid succession and end the level.


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