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Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - Lost Labyrinth Act 2

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - Lost Labyrinth Act 2  

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~~Lost Labyrinth Act 2: World of Darkness~~

I'll tell you now, this might be the level where you will suffer a time out
loss without any kind of horseplay on your part. It is just that difficult to
complete this zone in the alloted amount of time. You pretty much figured out
that the torch Sonic carries will light up other torches and act as a switch
activator. You also notice that you can use the torch to light up fuses to blow
up dynamite. When you do, don't stand to close or you will take damage from the
blown rocks. Now that this level is pretty straightforward for the first half
of the stage, I will skip to the part where you will need my help.

You will come across a set of four torch holders that activates five different
platform mechanisms. Leave the second one alone at all cost. Touch the last one
first and wait a little bit then touch the third and then go hit the first one
and in the process you'll jump over the first one without touching it. Jump on
the short platform and quickly jump to the right. The last torch holder should
burn out first so you can make it across. Now that was the part where I meant
you might get a time out loss because of it. Dash past the Burrobots and work
your way up. Light the torch holder on top to move the wall, and proceed to the
right. Ride the springs to the top, and maintain running speed on the left wall
to light the fuse at the end of the road. As you proceed, there are Bubbles
that will boost you to a falling platform that you can light the fuse as you
fall. You can jump off and take the higher path (both lead to same path but the
higher path is safer. Blow up one more block and you will take one last mine
cart ride. Hold right at all times and jump when necessary. You will not die if
you fail a jump, you just get sprung back up. You need to hold right so when
the ride is over, you have enough momentum to spring to the platform and end
the level.


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