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Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - Lost Labyrinth Act 1

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - Lost Labyrinth Act 1  

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~~Lost Labyrinth Act 1: Ancient Maze of Mystery~~

For all the curious cats out there, no you can't drown yourself by ducking into
the shallow water. There are three major shortcuts in this level. The first one
can be exploited by using some well-timed homing attacks on the Burrobots then
using the homing attack on the spring to boost you over the wall. Carefully
jump through the 3 sets of falling boulders. The first one is safe to fall into
the pit. The second major shortcut is here. Get a good bounce off the spring
and gather enough speed to be sent flying into the air to the right. Use the
Bubbles for leverage but be extra careful because there is a red one at the end
of the line and they'll hurt you if their spikes are out. Watch out for the red
Orbinaut and get past it. Here comes the third major shortcut and its a tough
one since you are going so fast. Run down the slope as two boulders chase you.
You should be able to land on some floating platforms but it is hard to stay on
them. If you stay on, you can climb to the top and skip the majority of the
level below.

You should come up across a boulder which you can push and take for a ride. To
ride it, press the d-pad in the opposite direction and keep it steady so you do
not fall off from the back of it. When you reach the lampost, go to the dead
end to avoid the boulder then zigzag your way to the spot above and run right
like hell so you will avoid the three boulders and get enough speed to avoid
the one that is chasing you. Bounce off the spring then duck into the pit to
avoid being hit. Wait for the boulder to pass a little bit then run to the edge
and use the spring. Now you can ride on three boulders in succession. The third
one has a Bubbles acting as an obstruction. Jump over or kill it and get on the
next platform. Blaze past the Burrobots and you got one last boulder to ride
and it runs on multiple rails. Careful not to fall to your death. Survive this
ride and the end of the level is to the right.


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