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Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - Mini-Bosses

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - Mini-Bosses  

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5.01 - Mini-Bosses

This Boss List is the list of bosses you'll encounter at the end of the first
Act of each Zone, which is why I aptly name them as mini-bosses. They're easier
than the end-of-act bosses, but still you'll need a strategy if you're stuck,
don't ya?

Angel Island Zone
Hands up, this has got to be one of the easiest bosses ever. What it simply
does is come down from the right-hand corner of the screen. Simply jump on it a
couple of times to damage it, and the only thing to watch out for is the cloud
of fire it shoots at you. It then goes up and flies to the opposite corner of
the screen and repeats the routine. Try not to hit the fire that propels the
machine from its underside as you'll get damaged, unless you're wearing a Fire
Shield, which will prove helpful and handy to have in this battle. Hit it six
times to blow it up and finish Act 1 of the Zone.

Hydrocity Zone
When you start in the bowl of water, the Boss will appear above you. Don't try
hitting it now as it is guarded by little rockets floating around it. It will
go to the top of the screen then come down and go around the bowl at full
speed. Jump over it when it comes near you. It'll go back up the top of the
screen and come back down the opposite side. Jump over it again. It will then
settle at the top of the pole in the water, and when the little rockets
orbiting it stop, HIT IT IMMEDIATELY. It'll start spinning the pole and cause
you to be sucked in by the pole and you'll be unable to control Sonic until the
pole stops spinning. The process repeats after that. Hit it five times to beat
it and finish the act.

Marble Garden Zone
This boss is a carbon copy of the boss in Mystic Cave Zone in Sonic the
Hedgehog 2. Lazy Sega =P. The Tunnelbot will fly up (try to get a couple of
hits on its bottom before it does so) and drill into the ceiling. Rocks and
spikes will come falling down. It's okay to touch the rocks as they don't do
anything, but dodge the spikes! The Tunnelbot will come down quickly with its
drills pointing down, so wait until it hits the floor and its drills point up
again, and get some more hits in. The routine repeats again and again until you
hit it enough times to make it pop its clogs.

Carnival Night Zone
You need to be quite speedy for this boss. You'll start out on a yellow and
green-coloured square platform and the boss will hover down from above. The
little spikey top-like thing on its bottom will come off and start flying
around the area, and it'll destory one panel of the floor that it touches every
time it comes into contact with it. So if you let it wear out the floor and you
fall through, basically put, you're dead. So what you need to do is hit the
actual capsule that the top was attached to and it'll reveal some of its
circuits. The top then needs to hit the capsule while the circuits are revealed
to do damage, then you need to do this again. The top only needs to hit the
capsule FOUR times rather than six to finish it off.

Ice Cap Zone
When the boss appears, it'll be floating in midair and it'll pull up some ice
rocks which orbit the machine to protect it. It makes an arcing motion from
side to side of the arena. When it dips towards you, you can try to hit its
underside because the rocks will be flying around its sides rather than around
its top and bottom, but it could be a bit risky. When it stops at the other
side it makes the rocks fly around its sides for about another second so you
could try risking a hit again before the machine flies back to the other side.
It will then toss the rocks up in midair, and now's your chance to hit it
before it flies even further into the air and cause the rocks to fall before
pulling up another set of rocks and repeating the routine. Hit the machine six
times to finish it off.

Launch Base Zone
You'll see Robotnik fly off, and the Boss come out of the hole in the wall. It
is a mechanical ball with spikeballs attached to it. You need to try to hit it
on the side to damage if, or when it is swinging the spikeballs, you can hit an
exposed area. After three hits, it loses a spikeball so the fight becomes
relatively easier. Hit it three more times in the same fahsion to beat the last
Mini-Boss of the game.


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