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Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - Carnival Night - Act 2

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - Carnival Night - Act 2  

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3.04 - Carnival Night Zone

Act 2
Run through the tunnel to your right and you will eventually go through several
of those boosters. You'll land on a twister and after you get to the bottom of
it, you'll go up a slope, and over the curved ground then into a chute with the
rubber bumpers on the floor and ceiling. They will knock you into an underwater
are below, and you'll go to the left through another chute with rubber bumpers
and end up in a little area with a horizontally-moving cylinder. Get the four
rings above the cylinder and jump above the surface of the water to gain your
breath before going back down below.

Below this cylinder is another one with four rings on it. Be careful not to
land on the left-hand side of this cylinder when you go down because it can
crush you against the wall. Get on the right-hand side of the cylinder and
through the booster and it'll send you through some balloons that release air
bubbles when they burst. After these balloons, get past the cylinder coming
down to try to crush you at the end of the tunnel. Just after this you'll see a
cylinder moving from side to side just above you. Jump on it then jump up to
emerge from the water and held held up by the fans on the surface.

Using the fans to keep you aloft, land on the little ledge to the right and
touch the Starpost. Then jump over to the fans to the left and jump over the
springboard in the wall to the left of these. Jump up to the fans above you and
maneuver to the right and get the Invincibility to the right of the Clamer. Now
float back to the left and use the bumpers to get higher (have them touch you
from below) and land on the ledge to the left (with the fans sticking out).

Go right, under the spikes and a little more to the left there's some spikes
that pop in and out of the ceiling every now and again. Get past them when they
are not sticking out and let the bumpers carry you through the chute to the
left. Then jump over the spring and use the balloon-platform to get up and jump
onto the ledge to the left. Go past the cannon and get the Super Ring monitor.
If you look closely at the wall to the left you'll see some rings in the wall;
jump in and collect them, along with two Super Rings and a Water Shield. Try
not to drop down through the ground where the shield and Super Rings were.
Instead, just exit via the way you came in.

Now jump in the cannon and press the jump button to be shot out in the
direction it is facing when you press it. Get it to make you go up, and once
you manage to do so, get past the circling bumpers and go right. Jump over the
pit, onto the platform with four rings on, jump onto the next platform to the
right and do it once again. Now get past all these Blastoids carefully and at
the end of this platform is a stationary cylinder. Stand on it and press Up and
Down repeatedly so that it takes you up and you can jump onto the platform to
the right. Do the same with the next cylinder to the right and at the top, jump
onto the little platform to the left and get the Super Ring and the Flame
Shield. Then use the cylinder to get up again and this time go even higher so
that you can get onto the next ledge to the right with a Super Ring in it.

From there, jump onto the ledge to the left and advance past two Clamers, a
cylinder coming down from a gap in the ceiling trying to squish you, then to
the left of all of these you'll come to a suction thing that takes you up. When
you emerge in the next area, head right, past a Clamer and down all the fans.
The awkward placing of the circular-moving bumpers makes it tricky, but once
you do, land on the ledge to the right, jump over the little U-shaped gap with
the bumpers in the middle of it and you'll land on another ledge with a
cylinder moving from side to side on it. Jump over it and over the spikes on
the ground after that.

In the next area, go through the little door made of blocks with 'X' symbols on
them and touch the Starpost and play Bonus Chance if you'd like. Then head
right and you will encounter Knuckles! You can't seem to get close to him due
to some sort of invisible wall O_o. He performs his favourite hobby of pushing
a switch, which causes all the lights in the zone to go out. Well, that's
really going to slow our progress down (not). Once he runs off, you can
continue advancing on.

Go right, up the steps and before you go into the water, go right past the
bumpers and jump onto the ledge to the right and collect the Water Shield,
which will prevent you from drowning while you are in there. Now go back left
and jump on the multi-coloured blocks to drop through into the water. Go left
and you'll see a cylinder moving in a square pattern. Get the three rings above
it then get past it when it's safe. To the left you'll see a balloon-platform
a tiny little bit above some spikes. Cross the spikes carefully using this, and
jump over the spikes to the left of these and you'll see some Blastoids here.
Carefully get past them and watch out for the electric bolts they release.

After these, jump on another set of those multi-coloured blocks and drop down
into the next area. There is a balloon here which you can burst to get some air
from. Now Spin Dash through the yellow and red blocks to the right and you'll
be sent through a booster that throws you into a chute with bumpers on the
ceiling and ground. At the end of the bumpers you'll come into an area with a
few balloons in, but the water level will lower about here, thankfully. At the
bottom are some more bumpers that send you through a chute to the left.

Now go left, jump over the springs sticking out of the ledges, get the rings,
get past the spikes that pop up and down and then you'll see a cylinder to the
left of the edge of this platform. Drop down, past another one then cross the
gap to the right using the fans to keep you aloft. At the right end of the fans
you can drop down and land on a cylinder. From this, use the fans to the left
to get down even further. At the end of this, drop down and use the next set of
fans to the right to advance some more and land on a platform. Jump on the
cylinder and then onto the ledge to your right.

Head right, through the tunnel and past the circular-moving bumpers under the
spikes. Jump over the springboard then cross the pit with two cylinders in. On
this next ledge, grab the three rings in the air and cross another pit with two
cylinders in it. Jump over the next springboard and go over one more pit with
one cylinder in it. Some spikes pop up and down from the ground in the next two
ledges, so be careful, and go through the boosters to the right of them to be
sent up a curve and into the next area.

Here, use the fans just above and to the left of you to get up, grab the rings
and advance to the left, down the slope and do this carefully because in the
little depression there is a cylinder above you that could come down and crush
you. To the left of this depression you'll see a cylinder in the air moving
from side to side. Jump on this and look above you to see a gap in the ceiling
with two monitors containing Super Rings. Hit these from below to knock them
down so you can collect them.

Then head left, past the Blastoids and go past the cylinder to the left going
up and down, and you should be at a bridge of fans. Using them, float to the
left and a suction in the ceiling will pull you up. Jump on the springboard to
your left and let it take oyu up the wall and all the way across the ceiling
and you'll land on a high ledge. Spin dash through the blocks to your right and
you'll go through a booster and down a sloper with a little twister on it. You
will go over a few slopes and end up going up a flick and landing on a ledge to
the right with a Clamer on it.

From here, jump onto the platform to your upper left with the four rings on it
then jump onto the balloon to reach the higher platform and get the Super Rings
then drop back down onto the wheel, and from there, jump onto the ledge to the
left and go through the booster to be sent up an electromagnetic spiral. When
it takes you to the top, jump off to the left to land on a spiral moving down,
and from that one, jump onto the spiral to the left that takes you up, and at
the top, jump to the left to land on a switch and turn all the lights back on!

While standing on the switch, Spin Dash to the left so you can get under the
spikes, down a slope and up a curve to land on the ledge to the left with a
Starpost. Play Bonus Stage if you want. Now use the floating balloons to get up
and then land on the ledge to your right. Head right and you'll come to a chute
with rubber bumpers on the ceiling and floor. Let it take you to the right, and
get past the balloons after it, the cylinder in the air and you'll then come to
a cylinder stuck between two walls, and when you stand on it, you will be
sealed off by a bar to the left.

So now, press Up and Down on the D-Pad repeatedly until you get down so far
enough that you can jump onto the ledge to the right and get the Invincibility
from the monitor. Now go down the line of fans to the left drop down at the
bottom fan. Head right, down the slope with the twister on it, and you'll go up
another slope, SLOW DOWN HERE. At the end of the slope you need to go through a
tunnel with some cylinders going up and down in it, and you risk getting
squashed if you run in at full speed, so take your time and get through
carefully. Let the suction at the end take you up.

Fight the electric bats if you want then head to the left and pass under the
floating cylinder. Head over the fans to the left (and get past the awkwardly
placed sets of circling bumpers) and go left and the suction will take you up
to the next area. Go left and down the slope with the twister on it. You'll go
down another set of fans, and end up floating above another set of fans. Move
to the right over these and when you get on solid ground again will see a
cylinder moving from left to right very quickly with five rings above it. Get
these rings then touch the Starpost to the right and Spin Dash through the red
and yellow squared wall. You'll go through a long series of boosters, up a
slope, over the curved ground and then through another long set of boosters and
fall down one of those suction tubes and see Knuckles! He hits a switch that
reverses the direction the suctions pull you. After he disappears, the suction
you just came down pulls you back up again, then the one above it pulls you up
into the boss area where you will face Robotnik. Read the "Boss List" section
of this guide for help on beating him, and once you have done so, destroy the
capsule. Then go right and jump into the cannon, and when it is facing the
upper-right hand corner of the screen, blast out to FINALLY finish the level!


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