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Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - MarbleGarden Zone - Act 1

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - MarbleGarden Zone - Act 1  

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3.03 - Marble Garden Zone

Act 1
Don't press any buttons at the start until you land on a platform with three
rings next to it. Get these and jump over to the right, onto the ledge with the
arrow pointing down on it. Hit the Super Ring monitor and walk through the wall
to the right to find a secret room with a Lightning Shield in it. Get it then
go back out, and drop down the ledge. You'll go down some steep cliff slopes
and a springboard propels you over to a set of circling platforms. Drop off
these to continue going down until you drop down on a crumbling platform and
you drop into the underground area.

Hit the springboard against the wall to your left and Spin Attack to get
through the wall to the right. Jump over the spring to the right, and after
going right a little more you'll see a little stake with a spike ball attached
swinging around. Get past this little obstacle carefully and you'll find the
Tunnelbot. Don't bother hitting it; just let it fly up and drill through the
ceiling. To the right, the steps will drop down on the spikes so you can climb
out into the overworld. Get the rings as you do so.

Go right and you'll find a mud pool with some rings in it and a triplet of
circling platforms above. Cross the pit, getting the rings. You'll see a set of
spikes to the right - this is actually a camouflaged enemy. You can jump on top
of the spikes to spring off. Jump over this, get the three rings, jump over the
next camouflaged spikes and you'll notice some sort of blue wheel against the
ledge. Stand next to this, touching it, and do a Spin Dash against it to make a
stairway raise up from the ground. Whoa.

Climb up these stairs and jump on the blue top. Run left and it'll start
floating. While floating on this top, go left, going through a few sets of
rings, past the ledge that sticks out, then touch the ground here, and let the
top take you along to the circling platforms. Jump on one of the top reach the
ledge to the left. Jump up the ledges to the left, getting the rings while
doing so, and avoid the springs sticking out next to them. Jump on the next
triplet platform to the left, let it take you up then jump over the spikes in
the wall to your right, and land on the ledge.

Go right, past the spiky puffball and spin dash against the wheel. Jump on the
platform that raises and jump onto the platform near you that is moving
horizontally. Get the rings and jump over to the next horizontally-moving
platform and get some more rings, then jump onto the next platform to the right
that is moving vertically. Then jump onto the platform moving horizontally that
is above this, and jump right of the spikes and land on the ground and continue
moving to the right.

Jump over the next set of spikes and go down the slope, getting the rings. Spin
Dash through the pillar then jump onto the ledge and fight the Spiker and then
step on the blue top and fly to the right. Follow the trail of rings then let
the top land on the next patch of ground you come to. It'll take you up the
slope (don't hold any buttons) and you'll break into an underground area and
you'll go down and exit the right side and touch a Starpost. It'll continue
going up the next slope, and you'll get knocked off when it hits some spikes.

Now proceed to the right, jumping up the ledges and onto some camouflaged
spikes to land on the high ledge to your right with the signpost with an arrow
pointing right on. So do as the sign tells you to, and go right. When you walk
against the wall, a secret spring will launch you into the air to get some
rings. Go over the spikes to the right and next you'll find a pillar with a
swinging spikeball next to it. Spin Dash through and time it carefully - when
the spikeball is up is when you should go through.

You'll get three Super Rings, roll down a gentle slope and end at a wall with
some sort of face on it. When the red eye opens, hit it three times to make the
ground below you disappear. Watch out for the arrows it spits though. Now run
left, down the slope and stop when you come to the spikes. Get across them
using the horizontally-moving platform then jump onto the circular moving
triplet of platforms. From the platforms, jump into the wall to your left to
find a secret Giant Ring so you can attempt for another Chaos Emerald!

Once you've done that, go down the steep slope to land on another one and go
left. Go over another set of slopes and stand on the ground near the wall that
crumbles and you go down another slope. Jump over the spikes and fight another
Spiky. Keep moving right, jump over the springboard in the ledge and go right,
jump over the spikes and you'll see a little pit next to a pillar with a
swinging spikeball on it. Hmmm, tricky. Spin Dash into the pit so you're in
quickly enough then Spin Dash through the pillar. Next jump over the spikes and
you'll see a swinging spikeball next to a set of crusher spikes. You'll need to
be careful with timing your Spin Dash to get through this one.

When you're through, you'll roll down a slope gaining some rings. As you go
right, you'll see a blue wheel in the wall. Spin Dash against it to access the
underground. Go down and head left to find a blue top on some sort of raise.
Jump on it and run left and the top will land on the ground and move left.
Remember not to press any buttons while it does this. You'll be taken into the
big room and go down and left and re-emerge in the overworld. You are taken
left, down a load of slopes and the top stops at a curve. Run on the top to get
up this curve and touch the ground again. It'll speed to the right and stop in
a mud pit.

Quickly jump out and go right, over another mud pit, getting the five rings,
and touch the Starpost (play Bonus Chance if you have enough rings if you want
to). Spin Dash through the wall and you'll go down a slope in the underground
area and you'll roll into the Boss area. If you need a Strategy for beating
this boss, please refer to the "Boss List" section of this guide. Upon beating
him, let the signpost touch the ground and thus finish the act.


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