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Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - Hydrocity Zone - Act 1

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - Hydrocity Zone - Act 1  

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3.02 - Hydrocity Zone

Act 1
You begin the level plunging into a pool of water. When you touch the ground,
go right and hit the monitor for a Super Ring. Then go left and fight the
Pointdexters (the puffer fish creatures), then jump over the spikes to the left
and land on the springboard. As you are propelled into the air you can get a
cluster of ten rings high in the air and land on the ledge to the left and get
another Super Ring. Jump back into the water and head to the right. Find the
switch to the left of the square slabs blocking up the tunnel. Jump on the
switch and a suction will pull you through the tunnel. When you grab a bar,
press one of the jump buttons to let go and keep being dragged along. After you
let go of a second pole, you will be emitted into a new area.

When you splash into the water, go left and break the monitors for a Super Ring
and an Invincibility. Walk against the wall to the left to hit a secret
springboard that'll take you down the slope to the right and you should end up
next to a set of spikes below a conveyor belt. Take out the Mega Chopper nearby
and jump up to clinch the belt. Let it carry you to the right so you can get
the rings. At the right-hand end of the conveyor belt, jump off. Hit the Super
Ring monitor then step on the area where the monitor is to hit a springboard
that'll take you into the air and you can get out of the water and gain your
breath. Collect the cluster of rings up here too if you want.

When you come back down into the water, go right and jump over the spikes and
get the Super Ring monitor. Keep going right and the ledge lowers. If you look
to the right of the Blastoid you'll find a little room with some rings and a
Water Shield, which you should definitely pick up. Go back and defeat the
Blastoid and the ground below it will disappear. On the level below, there is a
secret springboard in the ground directly under where the Blastoid was. Step on
it to shoot up to get the rings arranged like a plus sign. Then on this
platform, go left and defeat another Blastoid to make the ground wear away and
drop down into the next area.

Go right and jump over the spikes, getting the rings above them if you are
careful enough. Walk into the tunnel to the right and another suction will
start, taking you through the tunnel like before. On the first pole, move up
and down to get the rings, and let go when you are well above the height of the
spikes. After you let go of the second pole, the suction moves upwards. When
you are spat out , move to the right so that you land on the ledge. Touch the
Starpost for a checkpoint and play Bonus Stage if you have enough rings.

Go down the slope and Spin Attack as you do so, so that you gain speed as you
descend the slope. You'll go through a loop-de-loop, up a wall, hit a
springboard and when you go back, you'll go down another slope, hit another
springboard, and as you go down the loop-de-loop, you should skim over the
water with the speed. At the end, you'll go up a curved slope. Move right to
land on the ledge.

Grab the rings above the spikes that occasionally appear, and take out the
Buggernauts approaching you to avoid being molested by them later. Spin Dash up
the next slope to the right and grab the rings above the spikes. A Turbo Spiker
appears out of the waterfall to the right, so approach with caution. Run
through the loop and you'll go through a tube at the bottom. You'll go past the
Starpost and round another loop and hit some spikes. Run right down the steps
again until you see a Blastoid on a platform. Get the nearby Super Ring then
hit the Blastoid to wear the floor away to drop into the next area.

Hit the Blastoid to the right on the platform below you and drop down into the
next area below you. When you get to the ground, go left and break the monitors
for a Super Ring and Water Shield. Now go right and jump over the two sets of
spikes. Keep walking to the right and you'll see a switch guarded by spikes
that pop up in front of them occasionally. Carefully jump on the switch and
time it right so that you aren't hit by the spikes. You'll activate the fans
next to you so that you can float up to the next ledge to your right (use the
conveyor belts and springboard to the left to jump onto it).

On the ledge, jump on the springboard and as you go up the passageway, some
fans appear below you to keep you airborne. Get the four rings and move left
onto the ledge. Run directly to the left and you'll find a secret passage in
the wall with a Giant Ring inside so that you can play the Special Stage and
attempt for a Chaos Emerald.

Once you've done that, touch the left wall in this secret room to hit a
springboard that'll propel you up the slope to the right. You'll go past the
Starpost and round the loop-de-loop and you'll land in an area half-full of
water, which is the Boss area. If you need help with this rather tricky boss
(it'll take a few tries to get used to), then please refer to the "Boss List"
section of the guide. After defeating him, let the signpost touch the ground to
end Act 1.


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