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Vita Media Center released - You can finally play videos....

Tutorial Name: Vita Media Center released - You can finally play videos....  

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Vita Media Center released - You can finally play videos without messing around with QCMA!

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Ever since the inception of HENkaku and the hacking scene for the Vita, there has always been one important homebrew missing. Now, thanks to Arkanite, we got Vita Media Center to fill the void of a decent media player for the Vita!

What is Vita Media Center?

As the title suggests, Vita Media Center is a media player for the Vita. This homebrew makes your life much easier if you wish to play videos on your PSVita because thanks to it, you don\'t have to fiddle around with QCMA to copy and play videos on your PSVita/PSTV! You just have to copy and paste them onto your device via FTP/USB and that\'s it!

Vita Media Center has the following features:

    - The ability to play videos on your PSVita without QCMA! You only have to copy the videos to ux0:/data/media center/videos/ and not worry about anything else.
    - A nice-looking UI that has a material-esque feeling.
    - Touch controls for stopping/playing and exiting a video.
    - Ability to skip 10 seconds in either direction by pressing the L/R buttons on the d-pad.

Remember, this is a WIP release (it\'s version 0.01a in fact) so not all features are implemented. On the PSTV, you can\'t change the time of the video BUT you can still play videos and pause/skip them with the D-pad controls so this\'ll still be useful you!

What videos can it play? What features are planned for the future?

Vita Media Center uses the Vita\'s native video player APIs and as a result, it can only play:
- MPEG-4 Simple Profile Level 6 at 720p (max) with AAC audio
- H264 video at 1080p (max) with AAC audio

I have personally tested it with two YouTube videos (one from LGR and another from ashens) of different resolutions (360p and 720p) and they worked just fine!

In the future, Arkanite plans to remove the hard-coded directory so that you can place videos in any folder found in ux0:/data, SMB support and MKV support.

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