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The Evil Within 2 Chapter 8 All Collectible Locations

Tutorial Name: The Evil Within 2 Chapter 8 All Collectible Locations  

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The Evil Within 2 has 122 Collectible Locations (32 Locker Keys, 40 Files, 8 Mysterious Objects, 11 Photographic Slides, 24 Residual Memories, 7 Coffee Makers). Finding All Collectibles unlocks the following trophies & achievements:

- Diligent Reader (Collected all files)
- Locksmith (Opened all lockers)
- All in the Family (Collected all of the Mysterious Objects)
- Chatting With Kidman (Talked to Kidman about all of the photographic slides)
- Echoes Within STEM (Observed all Residual Memories)
- Caffeine Addict (Used every Coffee Maker at least once)

This guide includes ALL the 122 collectibles of every type in chronological order. By following this video series you'll earn all collectible trophies.

All Collectibles are missable! There is no chapter select. If you progress too far you cannot go back anymore. Make sure you pick them up in chronological order as shown in this guide.
In the statistics menu you can see how many collectibles of each type you have found. It only shows the total across the entire game and not per chapter. Furthermore, you can view the Files, Residual Memories, and Slides by their specific names in the "Files Menu". This way you can see which ones you have exactly and what's missing.

If you die you have to pick them up again! They are not saved automatically. Only when you trigger a checkpoint or manual save it will count.
Your collectible progress carries over into New Game+. So if you miss something you can get it on the next run.


#1 - Residual Memory #14 - 0:05
#2 - Locker Key #20 - 0:49


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Thanks for this. The collectibles are always hard to find in Chapter 8 which makes this a life saver.