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Dishonored Death of the Outsider - Harder than Stone

Tutorial Name: Dishonored Death of the Outsider - Harder than Stone  

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Dishonored Death of the Outsider - Harder than Stone Trophy / Achievement Guide - Destroy an Envisioned cultist [Bronze / 30G]

Mission 5
Halfway through mission 5 you have to interact with a black eye in a cave. This is a story-related main objective and cannot be missed. Afterwards the world around you changes. Enemies start to appear as big glowing monsters, aka the "Envisioned Cultists".
One is seen immediately after interacting the eye, it's best to make a manual save at this point.

To kill him do the following: Stay undetected and use the Foresight skill. There will be a yellow marker on the floor, signaling the point where the enemy will stop walking. Place a marker in the yellow circle (press R2 / RT). Wait for the Cultist to stand still in the marked spot. Then immediately use the Displace skill to teleport yourself to the Cultist. It will make you slam into him, which stuns the cultist, and allows you to follow up with a melee attack (R2 / RT) to kill the cultist. Killing him unlocks the trophy / achievement. You really should stay undetected for this, you can use foresight to scout ahead. Reload the manual save if you were spotted.


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