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Arcade Archives: Gradius II - HI SCORE Player Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Arcade Archives: Gradius II - HI SCORE Player Trophy Guide  

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Arcade Archives: Gradius II
HI SCORE Player Trophy

Trophy Description: The score has been posted to the online rankings in the "HI SCORE MODE".

Trophy Type: Gold.

Text Guide

You will need to score over 57,300 points to post into the online rankings. Unlike Original Mode, you are unable to make interrupt saves therefore this trophy requires a bit more patience and skill to achieve due to limited lives.

Firstly, you want to select your weapon configuration. Personally, I found that using one of the set ups with the Ripple gun was the easiest way to take out enemies quicker and more efficiently, mainly due to the larger surface area of the projectiles having more chance of hitting multiple enemies.

After you've selected your weapon configuration you'll then start the game. You will want to pick up as many power-up drops as possible so that you can equip and/or upgrade your arsenal. The power-ups will drop when killing sequences of enemies or the highlighted enemies. I recommend spending your first two available power-ups on your ships speed, which is the first upgrade on the scale as you will need agile movement for evading projectile as you progress further into the game.

Power-up drops stack before use, this means that for every one you pick up (without using them), the highlighted weapon available to equip on the scale at the bottom of the screen will move along once. The speed attribute of your ship is the very first on the scale, therefore you will need to use your first power-up drop straight away to upgrade it. If you collect another one, the upgrade scale will move onto the next weapon and you will be unable to upgrade your speed until the scale is reset. The scale will reset back to the start after you have selected your upgrade by pressing [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] . You will receive 100 points per enemy killed, however the majority of your scoring will come from killing the serpent-like creatures that spawn from the fireballs. You are only able to kill them by shooting their head, to which they will reward you with 3,000 points when killed. As aforementioned however, it is important your ship speed is increased as the serpents will shoot projectiles out at you which you will need to evade. There will also be times where you'll be unable to fire at a serpents head and it may try to obstruct your path with it's body, again your ships speed will come into play to help evade these scenarios.

You will face an phoenix-like boss at the end of the first stage, which it is very likely you'll need to kill as your points will not have surpassed the required 57,300 yet, though you will be very close if you killed most of the serpents en-route to this boss. This enemy can also only be damaged by firing at it's head, though with the Ripple gun it is easy enough to do. It will follow a set routine of shooting blue missiles and fire projectiles out at you. The missiles need to be dodged, whereas the fire projectiles can be easily destroyed using your Ripple gun. You will receive 100 extra points for every fire projectile you destroy.

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