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Arcade Archives: Double Dragon II - HI SCORE Player Trophy

Tutorial Name: Arcade Archives: Double Dragon II - HI SCORE Player Trophy  

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Arcade Archives: Double Dragon II
HI SCORE Player Trophy

Trophy Description: The score has been posted to the online rankings in the "HI SCORE MODE".

Trophy Type: Gold.

Text Guide


For this trophy you will have to play the game in HI Score Mode. In this version of the game save games, 2 player and the option to alter difficulty and player lives has been removed. Don't press the playstationtrophies.o...uchpad.png at any stage during your your playthrough unless you want to restart the game. Once the playstationtrophies.o...uchpad.png is pressed, there is no way to return to the game in Hi Score Mode.

The score you need to beat is 20,000, this can be achieved early on in stage 2. When your character is facing right it is playstationtrophies.o...e18x18.png to punch forward and playstationtrophies.o...e18x18.png to kick behind. When facing left it is reversed,so playstationtrophies.o...e18x18.png to punch forward and :circle to kick behind.

Some tips:

  • Avoid using weapons as they don't give you a higher score and can be a bit slower. They also lull you into a false sense of security so your no better off with them.

  • Slowly move forward, don't rush through the game as you will end up with to many enemies at once.

  • Try to keep yourself to the left of screen and keep pushing left with you back to enemies, then kick them when they are in range. You will get better scores doing this.

  • Final Boss of stage 1 - Don't approach from directly in front, keep moving around and try to come from above or below and slip in front of him at the last second, knock him down and move away, then keep moving and line him up again.

It may take a few attempts to get this one but it doesn't take long to get the hang of the game.

Once your score is over 20,000 you can keep playing until you are finally killed, or just let yourself die. You will be prompted to upload your score and this trophy will unlock.

Video Guide


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