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Apotheon (PS4) - Olympian Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Apotheon (PS4) - Olympian Trophy Guide  

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Apotheon (PS4)
Olympian Trophy

Trophy Description: Beat game on Olympian Difficulty.

Trophy Type: Gold.

Text Guide

Olympian difficulty unlocks after completing the game once (on any difficulty setting). Compared to Warrior difficulty (the standard difficulty setting), it is harder in the following ways:

  • No health recharge
  • Getting hit interrupts your attacks
  • Enemies deal 50% more damage
  • Enemies have 15% more health
  • Enemies have 50% faster attack speed

Also, you can't change difficulty mid-game if you start on Olympian difficulty.

Beneficial glitch: You do not have to actually beat all of Olympian difficulty to earn the trophy. After completing the game for the first time, start a new game on Olympian difficulty. When it asks you what save slot to save you new game to, choose the same save slot as from your first playthrough (probably Slot 1). Then start the game and progress until you have control of your character. Then go into the pause menu and load the save file from either during the final boss fight, or right before the final boss fight. When it loads, you can go into the pause menu and see for yourself that you are now at the final boss on Olympian difficulty. Beat the boss, and the trophy is yours.

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