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Among the Sleep - Collector Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Among the Sleep - Collector Trophy Guide  

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Among the Sleep
Collector Trophy

Trophy Description: Collect all drawings in the game.

Trophy Type: Gold.

Text Guide

This is a collectible trophy for finding all the collectible drawings in the game. As you play through Among the Sleep, you can find a total of 50 drawings scattered throughout the chapters. These drawings each have a collectible trophy attached to them and if you're following a collectible guide or watching a 100% Trophy Walkthrough Video; you can find them all relatively easy. Once you found a drawing, you need to press [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] to collect it and a saving icon will appear; indicating that it has been collected. If you've missed any of these drawing at all, then you can simply use Chapter Selection to backtrack and get anything that you missed.

The chapters that have 10 drawings each is as follows:

  • Chapter 2 "Home" (Drawings 1-10)
  • Chapter 3 "Playground" (Drawings 11-20)
  • Chapter 4 "Forested House" (Drawings 21-30)
  • Chapter 5 "Into the closet" (Drawings 31-40)
  • Extra Chapter "Prologue" (Drawings 41-50)

Drawings 41-50 are in the "Prologue" chapter that can only be unlocked once you've completed Among the Sleep at least once. To access this hidden chapter after completing the game, exit out the credits by pressing [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] to return to the main menu screen. Now, select Chapter Selection then scroll down and select "Prologue". The prologue is another story and is about 10-20 minutes long at best. Whilst playing through the "Prologue"; be sure to continue collecting the drawings along the way. Once you've found and interacted with the last drawing, the last two collectible trophies will unlock together.

Video Guide


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