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Alien: Isolation - Just out of Reach Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: Alien: Isolation - Just out of Reach Trophy Guide  

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Alien: Isolation
Just out of Reach Trophy

Trophy Description: Contact your team and escape Comms without being attacked by an android.

Trophy Type: Bronze.

Text Guide

This can be gotten during mission 4 when you first enter Seegson Communications. What you need to do is to not come in contact with the Androids throughout this mission. It is ok if they see you they just can't catch you. This can be done via mission select on Easy if you choose to. If you are caught then just reload you last save and you should be fine.

You can sneak past most areas fairly easily, the tricky part is after you make contact with your crew. The Androids will be alerted to a disturbance and will head to your area. I suggest running out if that room and hiding behind a crate until the first 2 Androids pass, after this you are safe to run. Once you return to the open area you can head into the vent that is before the save point to escape the androids and once they lose interest you should be safe. Once you get back to the elevator the trophy should pop.

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