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101 Ways to Die - Rest In Pieces Trophy Guide

Tutorial Name: 101 Ways to Die - Rest In Pieces Trophy Guide  

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101 Ways to Die
Rest In Pieces Trophy

Trophy Description: Discover all 101 WTDs.

Trophy Type: Gold.

Text Guide

This is the hardest trophy in the game. A WTD (Way to die) is the way you use your weapons to kill the Splatts, for example, in order to get the "Blasted Spikes" WTD, you have to kill a Splatt by blowing him up with bomb first then immediately make him hit the spikes and die. There are 101 Ways to die in the game and all of them are different and unique. Upon completing the game and getting a 3 stars rating on all the laboratories, you will have around 40-60 ways to die discovered naturally (you can check how many ways to die discovered and how many remaining from the main menu) and you will need to discover all the 101 ways to die in order to get this trophy. You will find that a lot of the WTD needs to be done on a specific laboratory or it's need a little luck and perfect timing to get. You will absolutely need to follow a video guide for most of them as it's really hard to explain how you need to set your weapons and when you need to use some of it.

Video Guide


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