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10 Second Ninja X - Wooooooooooooooah - Livin' on a prayer

Tutorial Name: 10 Second Ninja X - Wooooooooooooooah - Livin' on a prayer  

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10 Second Ninja X
Wooooooooooooooah - Livin' on a Prayer Trophy

Trophy Description: Earn 300 stars & X rank all marathon modes

Trophy Type: Gold

Text Guide

Possibly glitched for Vita users.
Hardest trophy of the bunch. The game has 6 main worlds with 10 levels each and 5 Legacy worlds with 8 levels each for a grand total of 100 levels. You unlock new worlds simply by getting enough stars.

The 1st requirement of this trophy is to get 300 stars, which means you have to 3-star all 100 levels. The game will rank your performance based on how fast you are and, to get 3 stars, you need to figure out the fastest route to destroy all robots and play the level flawlessly; you fail the level if you run out of 10 seconds or die to obstacles or electric robots. You can retry the same level over and over until you 3-star it or get at least 1 star and move on to the next levels and worlds and go back to the non-3-starred levels later. I definitely recommend the former method. Its much faster to focus on 1 level at a time until you master it and, after 3-starring all 10 levels of a main world, you will unlock the respective Marathon mode (you can access the Marathon room by entering the Lobby). This doesnt apply to the Legacy Marathon modes: in order to unlock these ones, you need all 300 stars as you cant unlock them one by one after 3-starring the respective Legacy world.

The 2nd requirement of this trophy is to get the highest rank on all 11 Marathon modes and its the harder of the 2 requirements. For the main worlds, I recommend focusing on 1 world at once, 3-star all 10 levels and play Marathon mode right after until you X-Rank it: although this may sound stressing, its the most efficient way to play the game as your mind will be fresh from all the practice you have accumulated while 3-starring the levels. Unfortunately, you wont be able to do this for Legacy worlds because, as stated above, you need all 300 stars to unlock Legacy Marathon modes.

Heres how Marathon works: each world has its own Marathon mode, which tasks you with completing all the levels of a world in a row, one after the other. You are allowed to die and retry as many times as you wish (retrying by pressing [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] or [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] will put you back at the beginning of the current level; if you want to restart the Marathon from scratch, press [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] and [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] ), however, since you are going for X Ranks to get this trophy, you have to be aware of the requirements you need to fulfill to achieve them: 3-star all levels, do not die, and do not retry. This will definitely be daunting at 1st and some worlds can be trickier than others but trust me when I say that its not as bad as you may believe. Practice, memorization and fast fingers will be the key to succeeding. Remember that the easy-looking levels are generally the hardest ones: if the level contains few obstacles and few enemies, the time requirement for 3-starring it will be very tight, whereas complicated levels have reasonable time requirements. This is the reason why Main World 1 and Legacy World 1 have the hardest Marathon modes out there. Main World 1 especially took me a few hours to X-Rank, while the other worlds usually take 30 minutes or a little more than 1 hour at most. By pressing [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] before starting each level, you can play back your best 3-star run for that level: this feature is useful in case you forgot the route but keep in mind its glitched for Main World 6 and all Legacy Worlds, which means youre better off watching the video below if you need to refresh your memory. Also, there is a very annoying glitch in the 1st level of Legacy World 1: when jumping onto the left platform to destroy a robot, if you land while facing the left, your character will be glued to the ground for a little while before being able to jump again to destroy the last far away robot. In order to prevent this from happening, make sure you are facing right before landing.

There is a chance this trophy may not pop for Vita users even after meeting both requirements. Here is a workaround that solves this issue:

Quote by Stalemate666:

I went into bonus marathon (been X ranked for a long time) and got the get all X rank/300 stars trophy immediately after entering then I completed it (B rank on this run) and got the complete all marathon levels. I also don't think it mattered what level I replayed I just went with bonus because it was shortest and I also reloaded the game before doing it.

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