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Lollipop Chainsaw - Sparkle Hunting Master

Tutorial Name: Lollipop Chainsaw - Sparkle Hunting Master  

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Sparkle Hunting is performed when Juliet decapitates 3 zombies or more at the same time using her chainsaw attacks or her Chainsaw Blaster (you cant get more than 3 kills with the Blaster, though).

You can also automatically perform Sparkle Huntings using Juliets Star Soul Mode to make things easier. You can enter Star Soul Mode via R2 Button when your meter at the bottom left corner of the screen is full and spinning.

During the duration of this mode, any chainsaw attack you perform is an automatic one hit kill to zombies, no health bar and health bar alike.

For this trophy, you must decapitate 7 zombies heads in one swing.

The easiest place to do this is in Stage 3, OBannon Farm. You will arrive in an open area filled with red and blue barrels and have to fight 3 waves of zombies. In the last wave you will fight against 32 zombies and they will all come at the same time. Either activate Star Soul Mode and use skills with long reach, like Chainsaw Paradise or Chainsaw Full Swing, or wait until you purchased the Holy Chainsaw skill and perform it without entering Star Soul Mode. Another good method is to use Nick Toss, which will groggle zombies and turn them into 1-hit-kills. You can find a Nick Ticket in the same area, across the entrance.

Similarly you can do this in Stage 5, Cathedral. At the very end, after you've rescued a classmate and Juliet and Nick chat about the final battle, you will have to fight against 32 zombies. Use the same methods mentioned above, hopefully killing 7 zombies in one swing.


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