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Lords of The Fallen - Seal the gate

Tutorial Name: Lords of The Fallen - Seal the gate  

Category: PlayStation 4 Tutorials

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The Infiltrator will be the fourth boss you fight in the game. Up until this stage, I would say that this is the toughest boss fight, but it is by no means overly difficult. A few things before we discuss tactics: I highly suggest you have some magic attacks such as the Ram attack if you are playing as the Warrior, and to make things slightly easier, a Gauntlet fire attack. Also, throughout the entire boss fight, stay away from the blue light in the middle of the room as it will quickly drain your magic (blue meter).

For the first part of the fight, you will want to stay as close as possible to the Infiltrator whilst trying to remain directly in front of them. He will use a three combo physical attack. At this point, keep moving to the left or the right and stay close; if done correctly, you wont even need to block. Once the three attacks have finished, now is the time to attack. Rinse and repeat until the second stage of the fight.

For the second part of the fight, the Infiltrator will use two new moves. The first is a stab between the legs which will deal a lot of damage and poison you for a certain amount of time. Again, try and avoid this by strafing to the left or right. The second new attack is when the Infiltrator throws fleshy growths onto the ground. When this occurs, back away, as once they start to grow they can grab onto you causing damage. The Infiltrator should follow you, so just lead him away from these things. You will continue the same method as in the first stage for dealing damage.

During this second stage, the Infiltrator will run off to these growth and start replenishing its health. It is now that you want to use your Ram attack by holding O or by using the Projectile Gauntlet attack. This will help counter the health that he replenishes. Keep following the above tactics and you will slowly dwindle down his health and eventually defeat him.


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Thanks for this. Been getting back into Destiny