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Destiny - Raider

Tutorial Name: Destiny - Raider  

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Complete a Raid.
Trophy Type: Silver

You must be light level 26 to participate in the Normal difficult for Vault of Glass. This figure amounts to total of 76 light from your equipment. The only way to obtain this value is to have at least two legendaries, or a legendary and an exotic, both of which are upgraded a good deal. If you are wearing two legendaries you will have to have reach tier 3 defense on one item and tier 2 on the other, out of five possible upgrade tiers. If it is one exotic and one legendary they both have to be upgraded two defense tiers.

Raiding requires that you have six players in your fireteam participate in it. Unlike the Strikes and Crucible there is no Matchmaking system that groups together random players around the world. This requirement places a heavy emphasis on trusting your teammates enough to actively seek them out, rather than being forced to play with them. Furthermore, when you open the door to the Vault your progress will become saved to that one instance, so always raid with people you intend to play through the entire raid with.

The first raid available contains two full bosses and four events. They are listed as follows, in the order you encounter them:

Vault of Glass Entrance
Defeat the Oracles
The Gorgon's Labyrinthe
Awaken the Glass Throne

Each event and boss grants either unique raid tier loot that has modifiers only found in raids, or large amounts of Ascendant Upgrade Materials, such as Energy and Shards.

Despite being a level 26 raid the enemies inside are as high as level 28 at the end of the raid. This creates less linear progression and puts greater emphasis on not just knowing the fights you encounter, but becoming increasingly more powerful in order to conquer the content. Needless to say a level 25 by the end of the raid would be in a serious bind.

In order to prepare yourself for the Raid I suggest you refer to Suited for War and The Life Exotic for how to reach the necessary gear requirement.


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That's literally all there is to do in this game.


really easy to do, there's always raids available


Can't wait to get to level 26 this will come in handy