The Tech Game: July 2023

Super Smash Bros. Director Warns Series Is Facing Major Problem45613.8
Gran Turismo Movie Gets Delayed73514.5
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Coming in Warzone76764.3
Total War: PHARAOH Gets New Deep Dive for Canaanite Faction32953.8
Dark Souls anime reportedly in the works for Netflix410,0274
Original 'Modern Warfare 2' servers hit by self-spreading malware141,1864.5
Final Fantasy 14 is finally coming to Xbox Series X/S33264
New Ghost Recon Game "Project Over" Leaked45734.3
Tekken 8 roster ‘partially leaked via Network Test datamine’33744
Mortal Kombat 1 Closed Beta Set for August 18-2153714.5
Remnant 2 Developer Looking to Improve Performance, Address Technical32014
Xbox has reportedly started suspending players who run emulators44584
Payday 3‘s closed beta is coming to Steam and Xbox next week64214
The next free Epic Games Store title has been announced62744.8
Baldur’s Gate 3 – Orin the Red Showcased in New Trailer23734.2
Destiny 2 Reveals Inspiration Behind The Veil Lore21874.2
Sega Dev Reveals Why Sonic Mania 2 Didn’t Happen31793.6
Call of Duty Officially Adding Snoop Dogg and Nicki Minaj Skins94073.8
Xbox Users Are Calling The New Home Screen UI "One Big Ad"79134
Nintendo Switch 2 Release Potentially Leaked by Manufacturer34644.4
Mortal Kombat 1 Reveal Teased for EVO 202322944.4
Pikmin 4 Sees Franchise's Biggest Launch23594
Red Dead Redemption Remaster Reference Reportedly Discovered42824
PS5 Tops 40 Million Consoles Sold42154.4
Nintendo Switch Online Adds Two Classic Zelda Games33313.6
CD Projekt Red plans to lay off around 100 staff59,6423.8
Sea of Thieves Season 10 Delayed To October42493.8
Quantum Error’s PS4 Version Has Been Cancelled22243.8
Splatoon 3 Reveals New Multiplayer Feature22864.4
Video shows Ratchet & Clank PC port struggling to run on a PS4 HDD21854.6
EA says ‘stay tuned’ for Skate console playtesting news54144.2
Overpass 2 Release Date Bumped To September 28 On PS532834
Armored Core 6 and Elden Ring Were Made by a Dev Team of Just 30022574
Microsoft is rolling out a new Xbox home screen to all users53513.8
Sonic Superstars’ Emerald Powers Fully Detailed23494.4
Project L Will Feature Duo Play, Allowing 2v2, 2v1, and 1v1 Matches22204
Dead by Daylight Update Finally Adds Nicolas Cage33673.8
Exoprimal Crosses 1 Million Players, Drops Free Skin to Celebrate22543.8
Dreamworks All-Star Kart Racing Announced34394
Final Fantasy 16 Producer Finds Negativity From Trolls “Tiresome”21933.5
Armored Core 6 has a 120 fps option, a FromSoftware first on PC25854.5
Armored Core 6 Will Reportedly Take Around 50 To 60 Hours To Beat22314
Microsoft reports ‘second best’ Q4 and full-year for Xbox revenue22524.5
Xbox will soon let players map keyboard keys to controller buttons33384.8
Ubisoft clarifies it will not delete inactive accounts32834
Forza Motorsport’s 48x Improved Tire Physics Showcased22974
Star Wars Outlaws Won’t be Too Big for Players to Finish Say Developer22033.8
Google ending support for Android 4.4 KitKat after nearly 10 years44584
Valve's Proton compatibility layer adds support for fifteen games32253.8
Cities: Skylines 2 has big electricity and water management upgrades24274.3
Gears of War 1 Servers Get the Call of Duty Treatment22964
Every Classic CoD Feature Rumored To Return in Modern Warfare 367313.5
One of Dave The Diver's boss monsters may return in a future update21984.5
Dying Light 2 Developer Being Purchased by Tencent22604.8
Exoprimal – Savage Gauntlet, Skywave Alpha Variant Receive New Details23684.3
The original Resident Evil looks phenomenal in newly upscaled HD22854.5
Terraria 1.4.5 update brings boulder rain23444.5
Somerville is Seemingly Headed to PS5 and PS422234.5
PS5 SSD Is Faster Than Xbox Series X SSD, Says Quantum Error Dev22604.3
Quantum Error Showcases Over 20 Minutes of New Gameplay34263.8
New Job Posting Suggests a Back 4 Blood Sequel Could Be in the Works53554.5
1400 retro games have been added to Xbox, thanks to Phil Spencer34833.5
Nier: Automata Season 1 Will Continue With a New Cour21734.5
Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy Launches on August 31st22654
New Need for Speed Open World Game Leaked22924
Insomniac is Working on a Third, Unannounced AAA Game21854.3
Diablo 4 Developer Details Reasoning Behind Stash Restrictions33533.8
Armored Core 6 Leak Says The Game Will Include 6-Player Multiplayer22213.5
Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Gets Unexpected Update23604.3
Classic Nintendo GameCube Game Seemingly Heading to PC22393.5
New Horror Game is Like Condemned Meets Manhunt22903.8
Sledgehammer Games is seemingly teasing a Modern Warfare 3 reveal33014.5
The Crew Motorfest Closed Beta Players Are Reporting Performance Issue32733.3
Call of Duty 2023 Reportedly Bringing Back Fan-Favorite Feature91,0473
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is Set 9 Months After Miles Morales22603.8
Mortal Kombat 1: JK Simmons Confirmed to Voice Omni-Man22644.3
Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon's story trailer released24133.8
PS5 Pro Will Feature Frame Rate Improvements at 4K, 8K Support21943.5
Ubisoft receives backlash for deleting inactive user game libraries23134.5
New Warhammer 40K Game Announced23054.5
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Trailer Showcases Harry Osborne23883.8
Star Wars Outlaws Will Emulate Original Trilogy's Style Using New Tech23134.3
Total War: Warhammer 3 to Get Immortal Empires Achievements22233.8
Starfield Takes Gameplay Feature From Skyim and Makes It Way Better23194.3
Quantum Error May Hit PlayStation Before Xbox33103.8
Tekken 8 Sounds Like It's Having Some Input Speed Issues22944
PS5's Remote Play Portable Appears to Leak Online33013.8
This is How Grand Theft Auto 5 Runs on the Switch36764.3
Microsoft May Have Trouble Acquiring More Shooter and RPG Studios23023.5
Infamous Sony E3 2006 Conference Now Available in HD32494.5
Diablo 4 Metacritic User Scores Plummet Following Latest Patch33663.8
Rune Factory 3 Special Trailer Showcases Different Companions23074.2
Microsoft’s Activision acquisition bodes well for Ubisoft, CEO says22424.3
Blizzard Admits Overwatch 2 Engagement Has Been Declining22903.8
High on Life is now available on PS4 and PS532914.3
Mortal Kombat 1 Trailer Reveals Baraka, Tanya, and Li Mei22864.3
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Timeline Revealed43674
Twitter Is Limiting DMs for Non-Verified Users32,6244
GTA Online Offers Free Vehicle to GTA+ Subscribers33374.5
Ubisoft Says it Plans on Releasing 10 Games Before April 202433333.5
Mortal Kombat 1 DLC Confirmed, Includes Homelander, Peacemaker34474.3
PS5 Pro Is Reportedly Named Project Trinity22063.8
FTC may pause Microsoft Activision opposition in favour of settlement34004.3
Far Cry 7 Rumor Leaks New Game Set in Korea33533.8
Payday 3 PC Requirements Revealed23644
PlayStation Insider Shares Update on New PS5 Console Reveal22153.8
The next free Epic Games Store titles have been revealed22314.8
Dolphin Emulator No Longer Coming to Steam32553.8
Spider-Man 2 Story Trailer Shows Venom in Action23074
Tekken 8 Reveals Italian Exorcist Claudio Serafino22513.5
Firewall Ultra Launches for PS VR2 on August 2421403.8
Apex Legends Event Adds New Prestige Skin, Story Missions33414.8
PS5 Sales up 116% Across Europe, Xbox Series X|S Remain ‘Flat’32034.5
Resident Evil 4 Remake Crosses a Massive Sales Milestone32024
Overwatch 2 Is Coming to Steam43213.5
Sony has launched PlayStation Store’s Summer Sale22004.3
Bungie founder and EA veterans form new studio22494.3
Diablo 4 Players In Disbelief With Disappointing Season 1 Patch33333.8
Call of Duty 2023 Reveal Event Teased23594.3
Redfall Studio's Latest Job Posting Hints at a Return to Single-Player22204.5
PS5 Slim Reveal Rumored for August22354.5
Microsoft and Activision reportedly negotiating deal extension as dead24973.3
Baldur’s Gate 3 Features 17,000 Variations on the Ending21813.8
Starbreeze shows off hidden Payday 3 trailer23593.8
Activision confirms MW2 content will transfer to Call of Duty 202322004
Remnant 2 Will Have a 60 FPS Performance Mode on PS5 and Xbox Series X22554.3
Microsoft and UK regulator given extra time to resolve Activision deal21994
Star Wars Outlaws Reveals New Information on the Game's Planets21955
Activision reportedly confirms Modern Warfare 3 plans in DMCA22224.3
EA's Upcoming Skate Game Has A Bunch Of Skin Concepts Leak22594
Microsoft seemingly fixes matchmaking for 16-year old Shadowrun22524
Criterion May Already Be Working On The Next Need For Speed Game22163.3
FBI uses Nintendo Switch to locate missing child33263
Remnant 2 Trailer Reveals the Hunter Archetype23144.8
Crash Bandicoot and Tony Hawk could become Xbox exclusives33303.8
Xbox boss Phil Spencer is playing Starfield already33344
Persona 1 and 2 Remakes Reportedly Desired by Atlus22014
Assassin’s Creed Mirage Will Have a Photo Mode at Launch21774.2
The Outlast Trials Has Sold Over 1 Million Units54104.8
Sony Agrees to Microsoft’s Call of Duty Deal44844.2
How Cyberpunk 2077's Phantom Liberty DLC is Expanding Night City23003.8
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Patch Adjusts Rarity of Loot21514.2
Retro Atari Game Being Revived Over 40 Years Later32734.6
Only Todd Howard is allowed to talk about unreleased Starfield details22183.6
NBA 2K24 Leak Claims the Return of Maligned Gameplay Feature22654
Sega Saturn is difficult to turn into a mini console, says Sega boss24744
Microsoft-Activision Merger Agreement Has Been Extended Until October22244.2
Microsoft announces ‘binding agreement’ to keep CoD on PlayStation22144
Bungie’s Marathon Recruits Halo Infinite’s Former Multiplayer Lead22183.8
President Says Reboots Of Classic Sega Games Could Be Coming21554
Halo 2 and Halo 3 'remastered' E3 demos return with MCC25133.3
Jagged Alliance 3 is Out Now on PC, Fully Playable on Steam Deck21873.7
EA Sports FC 24 Adds Long-Awaited Feature FIFA Didn't Have33114.3
Cut Halo content turned into brand new open-world level22973.8
Persona 6 Leaker Gives Update on the Game23374
FNAF Security Breach Ruin DLC Launch Date Announced26074.2
Assassin's Creed Mirages Takes Around 20 Hours To Beat, Say Devs22304.3
Classic Call Of Duty Games See Huge Player Count Increase181,3073.9
Fable Narrative Lead is Stepping Away From Role in August22303.5
Dragon Quest Treasures is Now Available on PC22194.2
Payday 3 Confirmed To Be Always Online22104.2
PS5’s Access controller launches in December for $9022443.8
Making CoD a exclusive was apparently a resounding failure34263.8
Assassin’s Creed Mirage has “no plan” for DLC, Ubisoft director says23774.3
Teenager Who Allegedly Leaked GTA 6 Deemed Unfit to Stand Trial106933.6
343 Industries Responds to Rumor That Halo Is in Trouble23604
CMA Delays Final Decision on Microsoft’s Acquisition of Activision22983.7
Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Says There's Still "Lots To Be Done"22464.2
NFL Player Retires and Makes Millions Selling Pokemon TCG Cards24043.8
Bungie Wins Lawsuit Against Destiny Player Who Harassed Employees32983.7
Major Nelson Is Leaving Xbox After 20 Years35364.3
After 2.5 years, Cyberpunk 2077’s Steam reviews are now very positive22703.7
Nintendo Warns Switch Users of Console-Breaking Mistake to Avoid23514.2
Microsoft is reportedly considering selling UK cloud gaming rights23164.2
Xbox Game Pass Core Announced to Replace Xbox Live Gold23874.3
The Last of Us Part 2 Remaster Leaked by Composer23613.8
A New Starcraft Game Is In Development At Blizzard, Insider Claims21924
Team Fortress 2 Breaks Its All-Time Concurrent Player Record on Steam22564.3
Gex Trilogy has been announced for modern consoles and PC23413.8
Horizon Will Continue for “a Very Long Time”22994
Microsoft Claims New Nintendo Switch Console Is in Development24083.8
Starfield, Indiana Jones PS5 Were Forecasted to Sell Over 10 Million23514.5
Everspace 2 Brings Open-World Space Looting To PS5 On August 1532943.7
RIDE 5 Walkthrough Trailer Details Weather and AI Improvements23374.4
Actor claims he’s playing the main character in Call of Duty 202467074.1
Alone in the Dark Will Feature a 60 FPS Performance Mode23634.3
Hollow Knight: Silksong Has Crossed the 1600 Day Mark23864.4
Call of Duty May Not Come to Xbox Game Pass for a While33024
Assassin's Creed Mirage Will Be Missing Key Parkour Feature43094
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot World Tournament DLC Gets a New Trailer23773.8
EA Sports FC 24 Launches on September 29th, New Trailer Released33974
Epic Games Store's Latest Weekly Free Game Is Available Now22943.5
Sony Intends to Invest $2.13 Billion in R&D for Live Service Games32174.2
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart won’t require an SSD on PC23144.2
Starfield Is Shorter Than We Thought35994.2
Total War: PHARAOH Gets New Video Showcasing New Mechanics23223.5
Xbox is rolling out a new reporting feature for in-game voice chats33394.3
Vampire Survivors – Local Co-op Mode Receives New Gameplay33553.8
Final Fantasy 16 DLC Is Being Considered42414.3
Assassin’s Creed Codename RED Could Target 2024 Release53483.3
FTC Loses Final Attempt to Block Microsoft Activision Acquisition54324.3
Original Windows 11 will soon reach its end of life75354
Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Celebrates Microsoft Win in FTC Battle42734.3
Diablo 4 still isn't coming to Xbox Game Pass, Blizzard reaffirms42743.7
Xbox consoles can once again run emulators in retail mode43454.3
Deus Ex Voice Actor Denies He’s Working on New Entry21953.8
Alone In The Dark Will Last You 6-10 Hours For Each Of Its Campaigns42274
Exoprimal Launch Trailer Teases Betrayal, Main Villain, and More63983.8
Study Reveals 87% of All Classic Games are Not Available to Purchase55773.8
Capcom might bring back the most deserving Resident Evil63474
New Black Panther Game Announced by EA42373.7
Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Success May Spur More Remasters41874.2
Final Fantasy 9 Remake Rumors Clarified43283.8
Black Ops Cold War Update Makes an Unexpected Change to the Game48134.4
Cities Skylines 2 mixed zoning is confirmed62554.1
Final Fantasy Series Has Sold Over 180 Million Units Worldwide42164.1
Diablo 4 has aim assist on PC, and it’s OP43244.1
Star Wars Jedi 3 is Already in the Works, Job Ads Suggest43103.6
6 Year Old Game is Back Near the Top of the Xbox Sales Charts43084.3
Diablo 4 Developer Reveals Potential Launch Window for Leaderboards42644.1
NBA 2K24 For PC Uses The Last-Gen Version Again63983.7
Diablo 4 reserves the right to take away your unfair items43164.4
Payday 3’s new dev diary is all about the combat42724
ChatGPT users drop for the first time65533.9
New Valorant Agent Drains Your Mags Even More And Fans Are Worried62624
Mortal Kombat 1 Director May Have Teased Two More Returning Fighters43154.1
Nintendo Switch Successor Could Launch in Q1 2024, New Report Suggests44114.3
New Everdell Game Announced42664.1
Persona 5 Actor Leaves Twitter Following Harassment43524.4
Hi-Fi Rush Never Had a PS5 Version41933.9
Warzone 2 & MW2 leak reveals new Daily Login reward feature42853.9
Halo 1’s cut content is being restored with help from 34343443.6
Threads Accounts Can't Be Deleted Without Deleting Your Instagram65564.5
NBA players have seen Call of Duty 202343784.3
Pathfinder Remaster Changes Previewed in Rage of Elements Books43393.9
Sony Files Patent for Real-Time In-Game Assistance from “Experts”42003.3
NBA 2K24 PC Requirements Revealed42513.6
Destiny 2 The Final Shape release date, trailer, and story62813.6
EA Sports UFC 5 Announced83254
The Next PS5 Update Has a Chance to Kill Two Birds With One Stone62553.7
Microsoft Reintroduces $1 Deal for Game Pass64233.6
Fallout 76 Overhauls New Player Experience104294
Call of Duty Cheat Defendants Disappear off Map, Four Respawn45284.3
Microsoft Wins FTC Court Case, Activision Blizzard Deal Can Proceed148083.7
Starfield Gets Strange Pre-Order Bonus86694.3
A Plague Tale 3 Seems to be in Development, as Per Job Ads63663.6
Mortal Kombat 1 Confirms Major Change to Smoke43324.3
BattleBit Remastered ban wave claims hundreds of players mid-match44934.1
Twitch Is Adding Stories and a Discovery Feed45144.1
Assassin’s Creed Mirage Won’t Have Level-Based Progression43164
Assassin’s Creed Mirage Gets New Video Exploring Protagonist85153.9
Persona 3 Reload Will Cost $70, Sega Survey Suggests44434.4
Left 4 Dead 3 Leaks Debunked by Series Writer43053.7
Sonic the Hedgehog Trademark Suggests New Game In the Works43954.2
Exoprimal Cross-Platform Parties Won’t Be Available at Launch42944.6
Bungie Will Host A Destiny 2 Showcase This August42904
Threads Confirms Multiple Highly Requested Features Are On the Way7103,7113.7
NBA 2K24 Adds Mamba Moments, Crossplay On Next-Gen104583.9
Call of Duty 2024 Leaker Confirms Setting of New Game55334.2
Sega executive calls play-to-earn blockchain games ‘boring’42724.2
Street Fighter 6 Sells Over 2 Million Copies42244.1
Threads is now up to 70 million users44164
Street Fighter knocks Elden Ring from its Steam Deck throne42744.3
Ys and Trails Developer Has Begun Work on a New Game43603.7
Cities Skylines 2 map size and buildable area43954.3
Immortals of Aveum – Furies, Dominions, and More Showcased63994.1
Destiny 2 is Buffing Underused Exotics42913.9
NBA 2K24 Cover Honors Late Legend Kobe Bryant43324
New Helldivers 2 Gameplay Footage Revealed by PlayStation43124.1
The next free Epic Games Store title has been revealed42133.7
AEW: Fight Forever Stadium Stampede battle royale mode teased42413.9
Mortal Kombat 1 Reveals Smoke and Rain as Playable Characters43494
Nintendo Switch reportedly earns best-ever June sales in Japan43744.1
Xbox Game Pass is Now More Expensive43023.9
Mario Kart is Apparently the Reason We Don't Have a New F-Zero54234
GTA 5 returns to Xbox Game Pass64564.4
Valorant PS5 Beta Possibly Happening Soon52654.1
Red Dead Redemption 1 Remaster Possibly Hinted at by Take-Two53254
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5 Pre-Load Date Revealed53144.1
Street Fighter 6 Reveals First DLC Fighter Release Date52753.8
Xbox confirms it will attend Gamescom 202354043.6
Assassin’s Creed Mirage’s ‘History of Baghdad’ feature revealed53664
Mortal Kombat 1 Was Actually Leaked Last Year, But Nobody Noticed53624.3
Why The FTC Is Singling Out Microsoft In Activision-Blizzard Battle54514.3
Nintendo Reveals How Much Game Directors Like Shigeru Miyamoto Make55083.9
Payday 3 Has Four Difficulty Options, Overkill Will be brutal & unfair44254.3
New Just Cause Game Canceled84974.2
Dead by Daylight Finally Removing "Awkward" Camping Mechanic44183.9
Starfield's File Size Is Predictably Massive43893.7
Apple wants to take its legal battle with Epic to the Supreme Court44713.6
Valve wants to make sure devs are responsible using AI in Steam games41943.9
ARK: Survival Ascended Gets Delayed And A Price Reduction For Launch53454.3
New Persona 3 Reload Gameplay Video Revealed43414.1
Banjo-Kazooie devs unsure ‘the audience is there’ for a new game103344
The Division 2 Players Punished for Exploiting XP Bug84253.9
Leaked Microsoft document claims PS5 Slim is coming this year for $39963253.9
PS5 Consoles Discounted, Leading to Speculations of New Model63413.7
Fallout 76 Update Includes Tons of Secret Changes42914.1
Flashback 2 Releases Nov 16th, New Trailer Showcases Titan’s Jungle52934
PS3 Emulator Devs Have Started Work On PS473724.1
Rise of the Ronin Leak Suggests a Q1 2024 Launch on PS542994
Steam data shows almost no one plays Halo Infinite anymore118794.4
Ubisoft Supposedly Has 11 Assassin's Creed Games in Production63334.2
Actress Breaks Silence on Rumors She Is in GTA 663164.6
Kick Adds a New Feature to Better Filter Streams95214.4
PlayStation Mobile has lost another top exec93394.2
Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown has seemingly been delayed to 202494384.1
Baldur’s Gate 3 Requires 75-100 Hours for a Standard Playthrough63054.2
YouTube renews war on adblockers by testing out a 3 video limit156983.8
Football Manager Dev Doesn’t Agree with Sony’s Criticisms of Game Pass82863.7
Final Fantasy 16 is reportedly overheating PS5s83883.9
Deltarune Creator Shares Chapter 3 Update63294
'Switch 2' Dev Kits Rumored To Have Reached A Certain Spanish Studio43874.2
Valve: Windows 11 is getting closer to Windows 10 on Steam43063.9
The first Far Cry game's source code has been leaked42164.1
CS:GO ban wave results in over $2 million worth of skins being lost44013.9
New Warhammer Game Announced53244
Canada Calls Out Microsoft Over Activision Deal & Factual Inaccuracies96384.1
Silent Hill 2 Remake Voice Actor May Have Teased the Release Date73514.2
Project CARS 4 Leak Shows Early Concept Footage for Cancelled Racer74483.7
Twitch Streamer Shatters Concurrent Viewership Record87223.9
Payday 3 Aims to Emulate the Feeling of a “Hollywood Heist,” Developer82183.8
Nintendo Won't Commit to Bringing GameCube Games to Switch Online86083.9
Super Mario Bros. Wonder Could Herald The Return of an Old Enemy57564
Warzone Players Slam Activision For Repurposing Old Weapon Skins104074.1
Metal Gear Solid Master Collection on Steam Has An Annoying Issue52744.4
Towerborne Playtests Slated for This Year51854.2
PSVR2 On PC Is Possible, Claims VR Driver Creator52684
Saints Row's Second Expansion Release Date Revealed84134.4
Baldur’s Gate 3 Dev is Hoping for an Xbox Series X/S Launch in 202374333.9
Valorant Seemingly Leaked for Consoles117594.1
The Invincible Gets New Video Showcasing 18 Minutes of Gameplay74234.2
First Mortal Kombat 1 Kombat Kast Announced73924.2
Sifu’s Final Update Has Been Teased With a New Trailer74134.1
Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Remake Reportedly in Development95473.9
A week after launch, Crash Team Rumble is struggling on Twitch96593.7
Call of Duty Adds Creative New Anti-Cheat System to Anger Cheaters128364
Monster Hunter Rise Crosses 13 Million Sales, Sunbreak 6 Million73304.3
Scorn Surpasses 2 Million Players53194
Twitter tells lurkers to sign in or go home65844.2
Call of Duty 2023 Release Month Leaked by Federal Judge161,0813.9
Alan Wake 2 Releases New Behind-The-Scenes Video53854.4
Microsoft Made Decision to Make All ZeniMax Titles Exclusive in 202153584
Starfield May Be Coming to Steam Deck73474.3
Cities: Skylines 2 has no cap on the number of people it can track53203.9
Valve is reportedly banning games featuring AI generated content52983.8
The Sims 5 Will be “Free-to-Enter”, Job Ad Suggests74204.1
Minecraft Makes More Money On Nintendo Switch Than PlayStation or Xbox54653.8
Xbox Horror Game Scorn Is Coming to PS543663.8
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Leak Reveals a Surprising DLC53543.8
Sega says it’s not open to acquisition following Microsoft interest52854.2
Stray is coming to Xbox in August52814
Red Dead Redemption Remaster Possibly Leaked115773.7
Sony accidently reveals confidential Call of Duty revenue data75463.9
Star Wars Eclipse Release Window Revealed in New Report73143.9
Microsoft CEO claims he’d ‘love to get rid of console exclusives73564.1
Forza Motorsport's Initial Car List Includes Over 500 Vehicles72964
Microsoft Considered Buying Square Enix72894
Xbox considered acquiring Banjo Kazooie devs’ new studio73143.8
Next Mass Effect is Still in Pre-Production72643.8
Final Fantasy 16 Sells Over 3 Million Units Worldwide72404.2
Call of Duty Warzone Mobile will be released this fall74013.9
Mortal Kombat's Ed Boon Wants Scorpion in Super Smash Bros.54613.8
Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Update Adds 4 More Games54234.1

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