The Tech Game: March 2013

Xbox 720, Durango announcement delayed a month27620,0584.5
Xbox silence at GDC isn't the full picture, says Epic exec1397,7344.5
New Halo 4, Gears of War Judgment DLC available for free today1628,5174.6
WarZ database is a ticking time bomb12513,8744.6
Microsoft: Xbox SmartGlass can be used "to spy on your kids"23719,5094.7
'Nobody knows final next-gen hardware specs,' DICE exec suggests1275,8224.7
Batman Arkham Origins reportedly coming to PS4 and new Xbox10610,4944.6
Battlefield 4: DICE says it needs to 'step up its single-player game'1507,4034.8
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition sales top 6 million1687,9504.4
Ubisoft Toronto working with Ubi Montreal on another Assassin's Creed874,0764.5
PlayStation 4 - raises friend limit, headset included,'very large' HDD1709,0824.7
Record-Breaking DDoS Attack Slows Web14612,5294.8
PlayStation 4 uses both real names and PSN handles, DualShock 4 charge1135,4054.5
New GTA 5 screenshots show skydiving, minigun action24918,7044.7
Wii U April update cuts loading time for returning to menu1205,2034.7
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon achievements emerge, indicate standalone game935,8734.6
Battlefield 4 skipping Wii U to avoid stretching team 'too thin'1094,7404.7
Battlefield 4 confirmed to launch this fall19013,4794.7
Tomb Raider, Hitman Absolution and Sleeping Dogs miss sales targets905,0964.7
Sony warns of PS4 beta test scams1106,1834.7
3DS firmware update adds save transfers, streamlines 'download later'753,2574.6
Blockbuster UK finds buyer1367,0504.7
Report: Wii U price drops not spurring UK sales773,4014.7
Limbo Vita outsourced to LittleBigPlanet dev Double Eleven602,9024.6
Sony open to buy-in alpha games for PlayStation platforms642,8704.6
Mojang's Scrolls beta unravels at 'end of April'754,1514.7
Battlefield 4 gameplay trailer leaks674,5884.7
Next gen Xbox will have Blu-Ray!32720,5014.2
Next gen Xbox disk installation required26817,6494.2
Minecraft Xbox 360 Title Update 9 Change Log35929,6234.6
Halo 4 Getting Free Forge Island Map28410,7134.6
Terraria release date announced25312,5224.7
Call of Duty: Ghosts (Leaked Information!)37853,4474.4
Battlefield 4 Leaks, Teasers and Videos2098,6974.4
Microsoft report reveals over 75k law enforcement requests in 20121879,5524.5
Possible Battlefield 4 preview incoming?20611,1814.3
PS3 firmware version 4.40 released21410,4114.7
Official Minecraft Title Update 9 Xbox Trailer17813,5034.7
Xbox spring sale starts March 26th26513,4304.7
EA's Origin Leaves Gamers Vulnerable to Hackers1697,8254.8
US 'hacktivist' jailed over AT&T network attack1787,3044.5
Xbox Awards voting suspended following 'security breach'1768,2724.5
Gears of War: Judgment multiplayer demo out now1747,4354.4
Bungie not afraid of SimCity style disaster for Destiny1448,4214.7
SimCity sales pass 1.1 million despite launch debacle1685,0604.7
EA CEO John Riccitiello Steps Down1536,1444.7
EA Offers Choice of 8 Free Games as SimCity Apology1256,5704.7
The Last of Us campaign length revealed1918,3594.5
Lego City Undercover shows off another flaw of the Wii U20410,7294.6
Take-Two taking action against Grand Theft Auto scammers18312,1014.4
2013 Wii U sales struggling2857,8394.7
Battlefield 4 to be revealed on March 26th34514,8314.7
Saints Row 4 receives release date & trailer32718,9654.8
Samsung Galaxy S4 Announced, Shipping in April23011,9644.6
3G PS Vita price cut in most Sony stores2857,6264.3
Nvidia: PS4 partnership not worth the cost24110,3634.5
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Retail Disc Version Coming in April31418,6944.3
Nintendo loses lawsuit over 3DS patent infringement2007,0494.7
Japanese Media Create hardware sales (3/4 – 3/10)1805,4154.5
'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt' will have zero loading times2188,5974.7
iPhone 5S may include fingerprint sensor and NFC25711,0554.6
Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Skin Pack 4 Features Borderlands Characters25332,9874.8
Battlefield 3 update released as End Game DLC comes to Xbox 3602309,4474.6
Black Ops 2 patched, Nuketown 2025 free for all on Xbox 36028025,2004.7
Analyst: PS4 and next-gen Xbox games will cost $7031914,0864.6
Maxis: SimCity offline mode 'Just not possible'1898,4784.5
EA registers 'Plants Vs Zombies Adventures' domains1687,8994.7
EA: Problem preventing SimCity playtime 'is almost behind us'1185,1794.6
Tomb Raider tops this week's UK charts.1806,5924.7
Happy Wars reaches two million players2037,7574.6
Halo 4: Castle Map Pack dated with trailer1595,2394.7
EA stop the presses on Simcity!1676,3744.6
Rumor - Next gen consoles may allow developers to self patch games2139,2274.7
Minecraft 'Redstone Update' pre-release goes live, full update next week1918,1894.6
Microsoft to discontinue the Gold Family Pack26916,3234.3
Battlefield 4 reveal on March 26, teases EA22011,6714.6
Tomb Raider sells 1 million in less than 48 hours2699,6994.7
Telltale's The Walking Dead Season Two coming in fall 201323812,6394.7
Last of Us demo locked away?1818,3454.7
Far Cry 3 Patch now live for all platforms2228,9744.8
Tomb Raider studio confirms work on new movie1926,1954.7
EA denies Dead Space 4 'axe' despite missing sales targets1938,1444.7
Wii U system update improves overall stability, big update coming in April2376,7954.6
Microsoft: Valve isn't a threat to consoles; everyone is wary of Apple20812,0004.5
Assassin's Creed 4 to feature 'connected' single-player systems on next-gen1766,6304.6
Minecraft being considered for PlayStation, Wii U probably not happening21610,4964.4
Assassin's Creed 4 Release date + trailer now live.25913,5014.6
UK retailers Asda and ShopTo mark Wii U down below £2002106,2414.7
Crysis 3 remains on top of UK Charts for second week1825,3314.7
Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag is now confirmed for PS41816,8984.5
The Tech Game - 1 billion pages viewed.29313,7014.6
Free Xbox LIVE Weekend on March 8th - 10th for UK residents.29419,9744.3
Notch shaves his beard for $500,000!29017,0034.4
Halo 4 gets 'Extraction' playlist and new Forge maps next week1917,4614.7
New rumors about next-gen Xbox CPU specs hit the web22213,2474.6
Sony exec: Gran Turismo 6 'on PS3 this year'2126,6374.3
EA CFO suggests 'new Battlefield' running on PS41946,6294.6
Devs shaped PS4, wasn't designed 'in an ivory tower somewhere in Tokyo'1926,7074.6

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