The Tech Game: April 2010

Bungie: We had to break through Infinity Ward 'noise' for Activision news32,3274.6
Man files class action suit over PS3 Other OS support removal11,7464.6
Halo Reach beta, play it right now! 128,3834.5
Halo developer Bungie enters 10-year partnership with Activision61,6254.6
Halo 2 still kinda alive, thanks to some fans62,9014.7
Medal of Honor offers M24 sniper rifle for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 players42,8084.6
Next Call of Duty to be announced on GameTrailers TV this week62,2444.6
This Week on the Nintendo Channel: Monster Hunter Tri launch11,7604.8
THQ and Syfy haunting iPhone, iPad, and DS with Ghost Hunters game01,7894.6
The Sims 3 coming to PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and DS this fall51,9874.5
Review: Monster Hunter Tri04,1994.6
PS3 firmware update 3.30 makes PC remote play VAIO-ble11,9314.6
Just kidding about that 'BioShock 2 DLC coming this week' thing21,9004.6
Shatter soundtrack and dynamic theme hits PSN this week01,4244.6
Sackboy joins the ModNation Racers01,5414.6
Gamestop discounts FFXIII, BioShock 2 and more, offers free store credit01,6154.7
'Infinity Ward Employee Group' lawsuit documents: see them here32,9794.6
New Games on Demand added, questionably priced11,7674.6
Waypoint's Halo Reach content schedule, Avatar award teased21,8054.6
Best Buy confirms Alpha Protocol 'Stealth Weapons Pack' pre-order bonus01,6514.6
'Infinity Ward Employee Group' sues Activision for $150 to $625 million51,5924.7
More Infinity Ward staffers leave, join Respawn21,7394.6
Infinity Ward lead designer now Respawn lead designer82,4944.6
Infinity Ward holdouts to receive extra helping of bonuses, says Activision31,5984.7
Rumor: Xbox Live TV channel pitched to Microsoft by ex-News Corp head42,7774.6
Guinness: Modern Warfare 2 had biggest entertainment launch ever61,8644.7
Analyst ponders impact of MW2 'Stimulus Package' pricing and success11,4154.7
Halo 3 available on Games on Demand, load times may be affected11,6294.7
PSP Go on sale for $189 from Dell21,7894.7
Platinum's Kamiya wants to make a new Star Fox at gunpoint01,8544.7
'64 Boy' may be most portable N64 mod yet52,8414.7
McDonald's Japan trains employees with new DSi game22,0274.4
Battlefield DLC available tomorrow through Dr Pepper promotion32,0214.4
Rumor: Natal test kit photos reveal 'motorized tilt mechanism,' power cord83,0474.7
Xbox Live April schedule redux: More Game Room, Tecmo Bowl11,5114.7
Activision exec Thomas Tippl speaks out on current Infinity Ward conditions72,3734.4
Freeboot v0.03 Released, JTAG's Back Online2311,2274.5
LGJ: Does PS3 Firmware 3.21 come with a refund?01,8244.5
The Legends - CoD4 - History229,6414.6
Activision raises Q1 fiscal outlook thanks to WoW, MW2 map pack01,5784.6
Infinity Ward loses two more key staff, report says132,8454.6
Xbox Live used by crime suspect to tamper with witness123,7624.5
Nintendo sued by exergaming company IA Labs11,5124.7
PDP's new controllers have The Glow01,4854.6
PlayStation Home integrates into games, beginning with SOCOM Confrontation42,9514.7
GAME warning customers about missing DLC in used games31,4504.8
Family Guy Takes On Modern Warfare 2205,9904.8
PS3 tops five million consoles sold in Japan21,4574.5
Batman: Arkham Asylum for $27 at Amazon32,3374.6
Report: Four more Infinity Ward employees leave studio51,8514.5
Gears Of War 3: Ashes To Ashes Trailer33,2794.7
Report: Three more leave Infinity Ward52,4474.6
Mod adds LEDs and force feedback to DS Lite11,9264.6
Splinter Cell: Conviction CE drops $10 in price due to faulty USB drives31,6844.8
MS Points now sold in $5 increments154,6574.7
Respawn Entertainment announced by ex-IW heads, partnering with EA11,8164.7
Halo: Reach Beta Screenshots104,9124.6
Activision countersuit against Zampella and West seeks money back, alleges multi113,9174.6
Modern Warfare 2 'Stimulus Package' DLC coming to PS3 May 4, worldwide on May 521,9644
PS3 hacker claims custom firmware revives 'Other OS' in 3.21, provides video pro01,5684.6
Modern Warfare 2 'Stimulus Package' sells over 2.5M units in a week73,4234.6
Modern Warfare 2 advertising keeps it juvenile348,3124.8
EA talks big head mode, faces for NBA Jam02,9744.7
Aliens vs. Predator in PlayStation Home dance-off01,4194.6
Hori makes LCD screen for portable PS3 experience11,8144.7
Blur multiplayer demo now available on Xbox Live71,9664.7
Xbox 360 USB storage update now available103,0434.6
Modern Warfare 2 'Stimulus Package' early adopters rewarded free week of XBL82,1354.6
The Ant Farm talks successes of Modern Warfare 2 marketing01,6494.8
Leaked Sonic 4 mine cart footage is all yours01,4914.7
Greenberg explains why 360 won't get internet browser143,9414.6

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