The Tech Game: February 2010

Permanent Gold Deagle and 10th Prestige skull emblem26143,8094.5
No Nazis, no zombies for Modern Warfare 2 DLC3910,0983.9
Microsoft: 'The Pro' Xbox Live moderator 'followed protocol'1814,0014.4
Microsoft 'actively working to improve' 1 vs 100 prizing process22,3754.8
Rumor: The Forgotten Sands may include Prince of Persia Classic11,6874.6
Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth out in Europe next week01,8264.7
Nintendo wins R4 piracy suit in Australia: Pay up, pirates!21,9364.4
DICE 2010: Uncharted 2 wins like everything at Interactive Achievement Awards01,8234.6
New PSP Go owners to receive a free copy of LittleBigPlanet or Assassin's Creed01,6284.7
Kitase: Final Fantasy VII remake 'unrealistic,' would take too long to develop31,6344.6
Microsoft respond to “Corrupt” Xbox Live Moderator video4620,4084.8
Activision CEO Bobby Kotick's full DICE speech, Jack Thompson says 'Gotcha!'11,6734.6
RE5 'Lost in Nightmares' Easter egg: the classic cam01,6864.6
Video of "the pro" doing his ban crazy acts on xbox live276,0464.8
Over 3.5 million people have downloaded the Bad Company 2 demo62,2034.5
Standing on jesus on favela with a god like sneeze285,8864.8
MAG 1.02 patch cleared for duty, to deploy tonight12,1764.6
Activision threatens subscription fees for Call of Duty327,9753.9
Rumor: Sonic 4 screens and footage leaked42,0704.7
EA Sports Wii/DSi accessory bundles announced01,6144.6
Serious Sam HD tops XBLA January sales02,2144.7
MW2 - Unlock everything modded lobby1,072205,8144.4
Xbox Live Marketplace Feb. schedule includes $10 Battlefield 194331,8074.6
RedLynx digital strategy pays off, 1.5 million games sold in '0901,6734.7
Left 4 Dead 2 modding on Dedicated Server Xbox 36069,3154.7
Metroid: Other M To Show Samus' ''Emotional Side''01,4944.5
Prepare To Enter The Wasteland Again -- First Fallout: New Vegas Details62,6534.7
Bungie ''Saddened'' By Xbox Live Disconnection News, Fans React Somberly82,8954.6
Miyamoto mentions new hardware, new MotionPlus games01,9064.7
Retailers still receiving Wiis, demand outpacing slowed supply01,3104.6
Peter Moore excited about PlayStation 'Arc,' unsure about OnLive11,5184.7
Atlus lets you pick your special V-Day event in Demon's Souls01,4254.8
New Mass Effect 2 DLC armor, shotgun available tomorrow42,8464.6
Crysis 2, Sims 3 on consoles, NBA Jam due Holiday 201011,4374.5
Former EyeToy exec warns of the difficulties facing Natal, 'Arc'11,4004.6
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing demo and theme now on Xbox Live21,8554.7
Throwing a spanner in the works IW care package patch to fail62,9934.8
Left 4 Dead 2 Color Mods XBOX 36078,0064.7
House of the Dead: Overkill far too cheap on Amazon12,0944.6
Final Fantasy XIII producers: Traditional RPG towns are tough to do in HD11,3674.8
Brock Lesnar makes the cover of UFC Undisputed 201062,0774.5
Microsoft sued over Xbox Live Points5813,1904.7

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