The Tech Game: December 2008

2009 Is The Year... Of Cheaper Games01,4404.5
Private firm 'may run' phone log01,3384.7
Microsoft layoffs may be imminent01,4064.7
MD5 encryption broken, Microsoft warns01,8634.7
Politics Invade MMOs01,3004.6
Microsoft not looking to profit off avatar clothing11,5124.6
Beales the news man01,4874.5
The truth behind the cost of text messaging022,9254.3
Halo 3 RECON ARMOR11,9364.6
Three of four underseas Internet sub-cables broken01,4354.5
Australia to test blocking all P2P and Bit Torrent traffic11,3594.5
Youtube Adds HD Options on Uploading, Changes Landing Pages, YouTube News21,4244.5
IE Finding Itself A Hackers Launch Point, IE News21,3484.6
Facebook reaches 140 million users11,4604.6
Firefox named most vulnerable Windows application01,8684.5
Ghettoman's here04,3574.7
Uploaders earning serious money from Youtube01,7514.7
NXE has been a success to microsoft01,4414.8
Facebook gets hit with a virus01,5934.5
Microsoft releases new NXE Avatar clothing01,6444.5
Youtube site update, update list02,5804.5
Firefox Update Expected This Week, Firefox News01,4204.6
Former AOL CEO Might Buy Yahoo, Yahoo News01,3294.5
Xbox Live Marketplace: Oops! Some limited content for all01,8244.6
Xbox 360 claims historic Black Friday sales01,8074.6
Windows 7 Beta 1 to be released at CES?01,4144.5

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