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Screenshots for the upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake showcasing Jill facing off against Nemesis and new monsters were leaked online. New screenshots for Resident Evil 3 have leaked online. French gaming site Gamegen.com revealed said screenshots too early in a preview article, before deleting it. According to DSOGaming, via Japanese site Game’s Talk, this preview and screenshots were supposed ...read more
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It was only a few weeks ago that we heard rumors that the next Batman game would be a reboot. This meant that a shared DC game universe would be featured in the upcoming Batman title. It looks like the same source is claiming that the next installment will feature a massive open-world environment. James Sigfield from Geeks WorldWide earlier hinted that Batman’s next game is a soft reboot. ...read more
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Rainbow Six Siege is a game that shines best when it’s being played as it was designed: between teams of five players each. But when you can’t round up four friends to jump into a match with you, you have to fly solo. Since Siege launched, solo players have found themselves at a major disadvantage against pre-built teams, and it’s possible Ubisoft may address this in a future update. One ...read more
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It’s almost impossible for id Software’s DOOM Eternal to get any more hype for us. But lo and behold, a cool new feature keeps getting revealed, even this close to launch. The latest is a nine minute gameplay video from IGN First which showcases a Master Level. Check it out below. Master Levels serve as remixed versions of the regular campaign levels, plopping in different compositions of ...read more
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Larian Studios and Baldur’s Gate 3 is a combination that quite a few people have been salivating over ever since the game’s announcement was made. The greatest cRPG developer in the industry right now making a sequel to one of the greatest cRPG properties of all time? Yes, please. Not surprisingly, anticipation for the game’s release has been quite high, and though there’s no word on when ...read more
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A new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare leak has seemingly revealed every single daily challenge and every single mission in the game's rumored battle royale mode, Call of Duty: Warzone. That's right, following yesterday's leak pointing to more COD 4 maps coming to multiplayer, a new leak has surfaced giving us an idea of what we will be doing in the rumored battle royale mode, which is allegedly ...read more
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A new Rockstar Games job listing may point to Grand Theft Auto VI, which hasn't been announced yet, but is almost definitely in the works for PS5, Xbox Scarlett, and probably even PC. The job listing in question is for a technical build engineer at Rockstar North in Edinburgh, Scotland. And while it doesn't divulge many specifics or anything super salient, it does drop a hint of "large-scale ...read more
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A Star Wars Battlefront spin-off was reportedly in development at EA, and poised to release alongside the PS5 and Xbox Series X this coming fall, but it has been cancelled before even being announced. The report comes way of Kotaku that last spring EA cancelled a spin-off of Star Wars Battlefront, making it the third Star Wars game the publisher has canned since 2017. According to the report, ...read more
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Dying Light just celebrated its fifth anniversary, and to mark the occasion, TechLand has produced a thank-you video to all its players. The video – which you can watch below – gives you a nice rundown of everything that’s happened in five years of Dying Light, including the total number of zombies killed: 36 billion. There are several ways to kill zombies in Dying Light, but generally ...read more
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No one likes the airport. Even if you’re some of the lucky few who have access to premium lounges, the wait times are always tedious and you quickly find yourself wondering what the hell you’re going to do for those often long layovers. Well, thankfully, with Microsoft Flight Simulator you won’t have to wait at any of them, though they are going to be there, all of them. In a new video, ...read more
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