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Is Battlefield V getting dinosaurs? I know that seems preposterous on the surface, but given some recent teasing, the series' history with dinosaurs, and the current state of the game, it's not as crazy as it sounds. As you may know, dinosaurs and Battlefield have a long history together. While there's never been any dinos in a Battlefield game, there has been dino easter eggs and references over ...read more
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Riot Games, the publisher behind League of Legends, released a statement concerning their much disputed arbitration policy, a week after 200 employees walked off the job to protest said policy. The company confirmed that it will keep its requirement that employees’ sexual-harassment or discrimination complaints be handled through arbitration, rejecting employee demands. According to the ...read more
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The Epic store has been trying to draw people to its store through its growing list of exclusives and sales, as evidenced by the current Epic Mega Sale. However, this sale has revealed an unusual flaw in its design as users are being blocked for buying too many games. While seemingly counterintuitive, it is part of the Epic Store’s “aggressive fraud rules.” Twitch streamer Patrick Boivin ...read more
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NetherRealm Studios is working on a new update for the game’s PC version that’ll take care of a common request from those on that platform. Certain parts of the game currently run at 30 FPS instead of 60 – notably during the more cinematic moments like Fatalities – and for players with systems that can handle higher framerates, they’ve been asking for the cap to be removed. The ...read more
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With E3 less than a month away, the plans for the show are starting to becoming finalized. Activision’s E3 plans have been announced, and the company is taking a step back from E3 2019. It will still be present at the show, but it will not have a public booth. Instead, Activision has opted to hold private meetings with the media at E3 2019. Traditionally, the gaming giant has had a public booth ...read more
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The big news everyone is talking about in the Sonic world is the upcoming film adaptation of the hedgehog, and, well… feelings are mixed about that, so we’ll leave that alone for now. But the speedster is letting his feet take a rest, as he’s going to be behind the wheel instead in his newest title, Team Sonic Racing. Now, publisher Sega has released a launch trailer ahead of the game’s ...read more
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Today, Kotaku published a report that claims Call of Duty 2020 will be developed by Treyarch and be Black Ops 5. As you may know, Call of Duty 2020 is supposed to be Sledgehammer's new take on the series, but apparently it's been booted as lead developer and its project has been scrapped. In its place, Treyarch will come in as lead developer and make yet another Black Ops. According to the ...read more
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When the Epic Games Store announced its first major sale, it felt unreal. Several titles were discounted, but Epic was also providing $10 off on games that were above $14.99. For games like Metro Exodus, Hades, Satisfactory, and even Borderlands 3, it seemed amazing. The problems started almost immediately. Paradox Interactive pulled Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 from sale, with an ...read more
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The Creative Assembly’s latest entry in the Total War series is out next week with Total War: Three Kingdoms. As the name indicates, it’s set during the tumultuous era of China where Dong Zhuo ran amok and several warlords emerged to face him. Check out the in-engine launch trailer below, which showcases Liu Bei, a warlord who fights for China’s people. Though Liu Bei may be outmatched ...read more
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It’s interesting to think back to how many snowboarding and skateboarding games we used to have. EA’s SSX and Activision’s Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater used to be some of the highest selling games on the market, getting multiple sequels and spinoffs. It goes to show how much the tastes of mainstream audiences can change in a relatively short time, since those types of games have mostly ...read more
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