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You’ll be able to pre-load the PC version of Destiny 2 beginning tomorrow, October 18. Bungie confirmed that Destiny 2 will indeed be available to download prior to its release next week on PC. Fans were worried the PC version may have a short pre-load window, or none at all, seeing as Bungie had pretty much clarified all other details expect that one. By other details I mean system ...read more
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Gran Turismo pioneered the serious racing simulator on consoles when it launched on PlayStation back in 1997, but these days it’s hardly alone in the field. With the advent of Forza and a host of other also-rans, there’s a real need to differentiate, and developer Polyphony Digital is finally trying its hand at just that. Gran Turismo Sport isn’t just a real driving simulator, it’s a ...read more
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If you’ve been looking to get into the adventures of Geralt in The Witcher series – but have been waiting for that moment for your wallet to not take such a beating – the Steam service has exactly what you need right now. That’s because all of The Witcher games are on sale right now, and will continue to be so for the next few days. With these deals, you can get pretty much the whole ...read more
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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds‘ live servers will not be updated again before the game’s official launch, according to the development team. According to a new blog post on Steam, the team is hard at work on getting the game ready for launch by the end of the year and as a result this week’s update will be the last. However, there are plans to push a number of updates to the game’s ...read more
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Overwatch now has 35 million players on all platforms. Overwatch developer Blizzard announced the milestone today, thanking fans for grouping up with the team. As ever, Blizzard did not detail or break down the figure. Since it launched in May, 2016, the Overwatch player base has been steadily climbing. From 7 million players at launch, to 10 million shortly after the growth was steady. In ...read more
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Bluehole Studio has outlined its latest update for early access battle royale shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. According to the patch notes, the update will decrease the amount of loot on the Starting Island to help improve loot balance on the Northeast side of Erangel and finally removes the fire effect from the plane at the start of matches. Read the full patch notes below:
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Epic Games has revealed the areas that it will be hoping to improve in Fortnite: Battle Royale in the near future. According to the a post put out by the developer, there are currently several teams working on a number of areas, including team communication, shooting and balance tweaks, loot density, inventory improvements, and improvements for the console UI. The team is also working on a ...read more
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Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, the remaster of the much-beloved PC strategy classic, has been delayed. Set to originally release on October 19th, it will now be coming in early 2018 according to an update by the development team. “When we set out to re-release the original Age of Empires, we had many debates over the extent of restoration that we should undertake. The challenge of ...read more
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Console owners already have an idea of how great Destiny 2 is, since that version of the game released early last month. That said, PC owners have been chomping at the bit to give the game a try themselves – and they don’t have to wait too much longer. Ahead of the game’s release for that format next week, Activision and Bungie have unleashed an epic new trailer that gives owners of ...read more
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H1Z1: King of the Kill is revamping a little bit as the team behind the title gears up for the horror game to leave Steam's Early Access program. Previously, H1Z1: Just Survive recently received a name change to simply 'Just Survive', so it's not all that surprising that King of the Kill should do the same. From this point on, it is simply: H1Z1. Regarding the upcoming changes in preparation ...read more
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