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We’ve been talking about NetherRealm Studios working on a new fighting project for what seems like ages. The team wrapped up their work on Injustice 2’s downloadable content earlier in the year, so that totally means they’re working on a new Mortal Kombat, right? Well, an interesting new tweet indicates that we’re getting one, and maybe sooner rather than later when it comes to the ...read more
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Square Enix has released a new trailer for its upcoming third person shooter, Left Alive, choosing to focus this time on some of the game’s narrative elements, with emphasis being on introducing and detailing some of the characters who’ll be the main players in the title’s story. From the protagonists to the bad guys to others whose allegiances don’t seem all that clear right now, a ...read more
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Jump Force takes manga characters across different brands and drops them all into real-world locations like New York, San Francisco, and Hong Kong, but English voices won’t be a part of the formula with there being no plans to give the game an English dub. Speaking to Bandai Namco about the English dub situation, AltChar asked whether or not it would be possible for players to hear the ...read more
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About a month ago, news popped up that EA was considering working on some remasters of the Command & Conquer series to celebrate its upcoming 25th anniversary. Now, we have confirmation that those remasters are officially coming, along with the development team behind the projects. Both the original Command & Conquer and Command & Conquer: Red Alert will be receiving remasters from Petroglyph ...read more
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Fallout 76 has officially been out for just under a day, but disgruntled users are already blasting the game on Metacritic. Unofficially launched for PC players on Tuesday, Fallout 76 is now live for all players across every platform, but the number of user reviews it’s received so far would make you think it’s been out for a much longer period of time. Regardless of whether you look at ...read more
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If you’ve been looking to pick up some of Telltale Games’ past releases on the Steam front, we may have some bad news for you -- and it points to something bigger happening with the company. Some online users have been noticing that several of the company’s games have been disappearing from the Steam front. They’re mainly older titles, but they could indicate that even more popular ...read more
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Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege is free to play across all platforms over the course of the next weekend from November 15-18. The announcement of the free-to-play weekend was shared on Twitter on Wednesday with a brief video previewing the free weekend and discounts that accompany it. Saying that this next sale will be the game’s “biggest holiday sale ever,” Ubisoft said buyers could save ...read more
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The Battlefield 5 early access period is nearly over, and players who jump in starting later today will do so with a better version of the game. Battlefield 5 received a day one update earlier today on PC, PS4, and Xbox One – just in time for the deluxe edition launch. The game has, of course, been playable since Friday, with a day zero patch. The biggest addition in today’s update is ...read more
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Remember just a few days ago when Epic Games scored a landmark deal with the National Football League to bring their official team uniforms to Fortnite? It was a huge deal at the moment -- but apparently nothing lasts forever. A new announcement has popped up on the Fortnite Twitter page, indicating that the NFL costumes have already been removed from the shop, not even two weeks past their ...read more
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The next new League of Legends champion will be revealed next week on November 19th, Riot Games has confirmed Within a client update that shared information on the start of the new season and what all is changing now that the 2018 season has concluded, a message on the sidebar said the new champion would be revealed next Monday. A Riot Games employee confirmed as much with video producer Riot ...read more
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