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Sea of Thieves players will soon receive the Cursed Sails update, the largest one yet that introduces ships for three-player crews and skeleton AI that man their own ships. Rare and Microsoft teased the release of upcoming Sea of Thieves updates back at E3, and just a month after that preview, the Cursed Sails update is being teased once again. With a new teaser trailer released along with a ...read more
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A new, much smaller update has arrived for Epic Games' Fortnite and it's all about that weaponry. The studio giveth, so shall the studio taketh away as they add one new gun while vaulting another. Additionally, the single-player mode Save the World is also available at a much cheaper price! Both Battle Royale and Save the World modes are seeing new guns, with the submachine gun making its way ...read more
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A few weeks ago we found out that the Zombies mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 would be shown off in greater depth at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Now, Treyarch has begun teasing the upcoming event, and it seems like it’ll be something sinister. While the tease is pretty simplistic, to say the least, because it just features two glowing eyes on what appears to be a rotting face, it’ll ...read more
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We Happy Few is almost here, so it’s time to meet Wellington Wells’ other colorful characters. We’ve been looking forward to We Happy Few since it was first presented as a Kickstarter campaign in 2015. Three years and one Microsoft Studios acquisition later, and the game’s launch is finally in sight. That means it’s time to meet We Happy Few’s other playable characters. While ...read more
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As promised, the new Sanhok map in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting exclusive weapons and vehicles. Developer PUBG Corp. shared videos of the new content coming to Sanhok soon, confirming both will soon be available on the game’s test server prior to their full launch. First, we have the QBU, a 5.56mm DMR that’s going to replace the Mini-14 on Sanhok. This bullpup weapon holds ...read more
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Dragon Ball FighterZ is holding a special series of Dragon Radar events for players at home to take part in the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour events. Bandai Namco announced the Dragon Radar events just recently, but the full details on what the Dragon Radar promotion entails haven’t been revealed yet. What we do know though is that if you’re able to win during the Dragon Radar events, ...read more
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No Man’s Sky director Sean Murray loves how the game looks on an Amiga 1000’s colour palette. For our all advances in computing, we can still be incredibly nostalgic for classics like the Amiga. One great example occurred earlier this year, when the vintage computing blog BYTECellar rendered images from No Man’s Sky on an Amiga 1000. Now these images have reached the attention of No ...read more
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Germany’s Higher Regional Court of Munich has ruled that without a fixed release date, you cannot offer a pre-order. If video game pre-orders were any more complicated, they would probably be standalone industries. That’s not likely to change anytime soon, but German regulators just made an important caveat: if you’re offering a pre-order, it must have a fixed release date. As ...read more
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While some folks are concerned that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 doesn’t have a traditional single player campaign, it appears that the game’s Zombies mode has unique stories to tell. We got a hint of what awaits us in these stories with a new trailer, titled Chaos, which can be seen above. Right off the bat it hints at trouble that awaits us, with a zombie tiger (yes, a zombie tiger) coming ...read more
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With Forza Horizon 4 set to pull out of the garage this fall, expectations are high that the arcade-style racing series will continue to flourish on Xbox One and PC. Based on what we’ve seen with Forza Horizon 3’s audience numbers though, the developers at Playground Games have nothing to worry about. While speaking with IGN, it was revealed that the latest entry in the open-world racing ...read more
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