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Players in Call of Duty: Warzone will now be able to fast-travel all across the map using a new subway system called The Metro. Part of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s season 6 includes a fast travel system for Warzone. The battle royal map will get a new subway system titled the Metro. It will allow players to swiftly move between seven different subway stations all across the ...read more
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Dan, joke character extraordinaire and fan favorite Street Fighter V combatant, gets his time to shine in a new gameplay preview trailer. Capcom’s Special Program TGS livestream debuted a new Street Fighter V gameplay trailer for upcoming season 5 fighter Dan. The video demonstrates his entire moveset, as well as his taunts, and it seems like the resident joke character is still up to his ...read more
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Former Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies has raised £32 million ($42m) in funding for the development of his new Grand Theft Auto rival, Everywhere. Benzies, who was one of the most influential figures behind the GTA series, left Rockstar under difficult circumstances in 2016. The producer sued Take-Two Interactive for $150 million in unpaid royalties, alleging that the company tried ...read more
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Konami has also brought over some classic Contra and Castlevania titles to join the Metal Gear Solid lineup on PC. Rumors began swirling earlier this week that Konami was looking to bring some of its classic titles, most notably the first two Metal Gear Solid entries, to PC at some point in the future. Fortunately, it hasn’t taken long for us to learn that those rumors were indeed ...read more
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During Tokyo Game Show (TGS), Capcom revealed new Resident Evil 8 Village gameplay footage alongside a slew of new details, including word that in addition to PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC, Capcom is exploring bringing the game to PS4 and Xbox One. However, for now, there's nothing to announce on this front.
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When Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War releases later this year, the game's single-player campaign will deviate from past franchise entries. Notably, the game will feature optional side missions, and solving different puzzles will unlock additional side missions. Two of the game's side missions will even have an impact on the game's ending. The player will have more choices than they had in ...read more
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Spelunky 2 won't have online co-op at launch on PC; however, when it is added back in it will come with PS4 cross-play support. Spelunky 2 has been out for a few weeks now on PS4, and PC players will get to join in on the fun next week. However, the launch will be missing one big feature. Today, Derek Yu announced that they’ll be releasing without online co-op in the PC version to make sure ...read more
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Bungie will be revamping Destiny 2 significantly when Beyond Light, its next big expansion, releases in November. Much of the past content, from entire destinations to DLC campaigns, will be going into the Destiny Content Vault. This approach was taken due to the base game becoming too bloated. What improvements will Bungie have though? In its latest weekly blog, it noted that Destiny 2 would ...read more
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Halo 4 is coming to PC soon, marking the sixth and final game in The Master Chief Collection that will complete the package. In developer 343's latest weekly blog post, the studio announced that Halo 4's first public beta tests will be held "before the end of October." That is the current plan, but 343 admitted that beta dates are "always subject to change." If history is any indication, the ...read more
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The Final Fantasy 16 announcement at the most recent PlayStation 5 showcase featured a reveal trailer (included below), with about four minutes of footage giving us a good idea of what’s to come. Since then, fans have been digging out more details from the clip, but it seems we might not have to wait too long for something more concrete – that’s because the RPG game’s launch date could ...read more
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