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E3 2018 is only a few months away and while we still have plenty of guesses as to who and what will be shown at this year’s event, Ubisoft has confirmed details on where and when it will announce its next big projects. Ubisoft has announced today that it will be returning to E3 2018 with a press conference on Monday, June 11th, 2018 at 1pm PT at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, CA, where more
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Nintendo had a surprise hit on its hands when it released the NES Classic. Not one to let a golden opportunity pass, the firm released a follow up in the form of the SNES Classic the following year. Now, it looks like Sega has gotten a bit envious, as it too has announced its own retro mini console. The Mega Drive Mini console made its debut at Sega FES 2018 in Japan and will commemorate the more
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Someone found drugs hidden inside some NES Cartridges. Yes, actual drugs, in actual NES Cartridges. The lucky person to unearth such a discovery: a collector of retro video games by the name of Julian Turner, who after purchasing some old NES games last month, opened them up, and found some on-the-house courtesies. More specifically, Turner stumbled across two games packed with drugs – more
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2K and Rockstar titles have discounted at Gamebillet as part of their 2K Games Sale. The company usually runs deals on a few games each week, but this is the first time we’ve seen this large a collection on sale at once. The discounted games run the gamut from the biggest AAA titles of the last few years, like NBA 2K 18 and Grand Theft Auto V, to older hits such as Max Payne 3 and Bully. more
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Back in February, EA revealed that they would once again be holding their own event, EA Play, from June 9 to June 11 instead of attending E3. Today, we finally got the first details about this year’s EA press conference, which will be happening on June 9. Specifically, this press conference will take place at 11am PT on that day at The Hollywood Palladium. As has been the case in past years, more
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It seems that everyone and their mothers are talking and/or playing a battle royale title these days. Whether it's Fortnite or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the battle royale genre is on fire right now. So much so, it even has its own malware ... a new virus that essentially makes you play the infamous PUBG. This malware won't take your money, it'll take your time because it not-so gently more
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Earlier this year, the squad at Games Done Quick managed to raise an impressive amount of money for charity, led by a series of speedruns of popular and classic games. And, welp, it’s just about time to do it again. The Summer Games Done Quick 2018 event will take place from June 24 through July 1, and will feature a number of speedrunners doing what they do best – making their way quickly more
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Back in December of last year we reported that Nvidia planned to end driver support for 32-bit operating systems at release 390, however, at the time this was just a rumor, the official support document was vague and it wasn't clear exactly when support would end. Now, the company has updated the document and stated that driver support for 32-bit operating systems will be ending this more
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Fortnite mobile is very popular, especially now that anyone on iOS can play. Since Epic Games opened up Fortnite mobile to all iOS players earlier this week, the game has raked in $1.8 million. According to Sensor Tower, Fortnite has become one of the most successful mobile launches ever, and saw a 197% increase “in player expenditure” on Monday, April 2. This is a huge jump compared more
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There is an active shooter at YouTube headquarters at the California-based company located around 11 miles south of San Francisco, according to police. The San Mateo County Sheriff and local San Bruno Police are working together to resolve the situation. Product manager Vadim Lavrusik tweeted that he "heard shots and saw people running while at my desk" but he and some colleagues have been more
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