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Despite there being numerous studies out there indicating that the violence seen in realistic video games doesn't necessarily lead to real-life violence, that hasn't stopped certain entities from placing the blame on the gaming community in desperate times. Often when tragedies strike, an easy scapegoat beyond the circumstance as is are often warranted and gaming has been that scapegoat for a more
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It was only a matter of time before this reached a legal level. A set of bills recently introduced to Hawaii lawmakers aims to place limits on what they believe is gambling in certain kinds of in-game micro-transactions. After the fiasco surrounding loot boxes in Star Wars: Battlefront just months ago, State Representative Chris Lee from Oahu began an effort to regulate what could and could not more
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While PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is garnering a huge audience across both Xbox One and PC, it just debuted a new format overseas – and is making just as big a killing over there, if not bigger. A while back, Tencent garnered the publishing rights to PUBG games in China, where it expected to launch not one but two mobile games surrounding the hit multiplayer battle royale hit. And this more
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For those that enjoyed the incredible vastness that Final Fantasy XV had offer, a new way to experience the wild is here and it's perfect for those that like action as much as they like adorableness. The boy band of badasses are back in chibi form for mobile devices and the launch trailer above shows off exactly what interested players have to look forward to. "Ride with your favourite band of more
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20 years ago, the Sega Genesis (known outside of the U.S. as the Mega Drive) officially bit the dust, clearing the way for new consoles like the beloved Sega Saturn and the worldwide hit, the Sega Dreamcast. While hard-core fans have been fixing old consoles to play classic games on them for years, it looks like -- at least for fans who have preserved or cleaned up their Genesis systems -- the more
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Toxicity in the gaming community seems to be hitting an all time high, superseding the traditional "trash talk" and moving into more hateful and harmful patterns. With several high profile streamers in the media lately for abhorrent behavior, including encouraging suicide, Twitch is now finally stepping in to update their community standards after many flocked to the company begging for them to more
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The business of selling in-game items is becoming more profitable for Activision Blizzard than selling the games themselves. During Activision Blizzard’s Q4 2017 financial results, the publisher revealed that it made $7.16 billion in revenue in the entire fiscal year, a record for the company. Of that, $4 billion was generated by in-game purchases. Activision owns King, makers of Candy more
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Pokemon Go is getting an update this week and dataminers have already found some intriguing lines of code hidden inside. Earlier this afternoon, Niantic announced they were releasing an update for Pokemon Go. The official release notes state that the update brings some minor improvements, such as a way to search for Shiny Pokemon in the Pokemon screen and better in-game news more
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Two weeks ahead of the beginning of The Year of the Dog, Razer has revealed that they will be producing a limited-time offer for people celebrating the Chinese New Year. Revealed earlier today by press release, the Gold Edition Razer Phone is a re-skinned foil to add some gold accents to the device. As seen in the picture below, the biggest variation between the normal Razer Phone and the Gold more
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It is shaping up to be a good month to be a fan of anime movies, games, and series because Microsoft has discounted several anime titles on Xbox One and Windows 10. The discounts are a part of the annual Anime Month celebration and will run from January 30th-February 26th in the Microsoft and Xbox Stores. Mostly Naruto titles are included in the Anime Month Xbox games discounts, and Xbox Live more
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