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It's been a pretty rough week for Unity and all of the developers who build their games on the engine. After introducing a new Runtime Fee based on the amount of times a game is installed, developers lashed out at the potential changes and their capability of driving smaller indie studios into the ground, specifically ones that offer up their games on subscription services like Game Pass. Many more
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Valve is keeping busy. The company has dramatically increased the number of changes made to SteamVR over the past two months including updates that could be aimed at a new headset. Whether this is Valve placing the groundwork for its next-gen VR headset—it's Valve, we really don't know what that company is up to—it does appear that a major rework of SteamVR is on the horizon. SteamVR more
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Twitch seems to be loosening its restrictions on permabans. Twitch is one of the biggest platforms on the entire internet and has grown a lot since its inception. The platform began as a place for people to broadcast games to other people, but has grown to include IRL streams, elaborate productions with game shows and events, and much more. Creativity is encouraged and you don't really have to be more
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Some releases have understandably flown under the radar amid the hype for Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield. Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is one of them, releasing on September 7th for iOS and Android. However, it’s performed pretty well, with the official Twitter account reporting over two million downloads. It’s a strong start for the mobile title, which essentially “reimagines” the more
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Apple today announced the iPhone 15 lineup, which is scheduled to release on September 22. The widely leaked iPhone 15 series spans four models, as has been the case with the last three generations of Apple smartphones. While hardware improvements are a given with each new iPhone refresh, there have been widespread expectations of even more meaningful changes with this year's devices. Namely, more
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The future of the Electronic Entertainment Expo once again remains uncertain as the event's organizers announced today that they'd parted ways. The Entertainment Software Association which is the primary organizer of the once-annual event was previously working with ReedPop, the organizers of the Pax events, to evolve E3 into a format that worked in today's age of digital-only showcases conducted more
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Valve's monthly Steam Hardware & Software Survey results are out, meaning we can see how Microsoft's latest operating system is doing among the gaming audience. A similar report from Statcounter claims Windows 11 has roughly 27% on the global market, but things are slightly different on the gaming side. For those unfamiliar with Steam Hardware & Software Survey, here is how Valve describes it:
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The Dreamcast is a truly iconic bit of hardware. Wildly innovative for its time, it's no wonder that Sega's last foray into the console market has retained a cult following, with its varied library of games that have long survived the ill-fated platform. It's also no surprise that Sega once hoped to bank on this nostalgia, planning to release a "Dreamcast mini" that came preloaded with a bunch of more
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witter users' ability to block people is going away for the most part, Twitter owner Elon Musk said this week. In response to another user's question on the beleaguered social media platform, Musk said that the block feature "is going to be deleted" and would only exist in one form that would allow people to block others from sending them direct messages. The response to the announcement has been more
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Sega has officially completed its acquisition of Angry Birds developer Rovio Entertainment. In April, Sega Sammy Holdings stated its plans to make a ‘Tender Offer’ to acquire “the entirety of Rovio’s outstanding shares and options”, at a total cost of of €706 million ($776 million). Today the official Sega Twitter account posted an image of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles teaming up more
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