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An emulator that plays DOS games on iOS devices will soon be pulled from the App Store, its author says (via MacRumors). iDOS developer Chaoji Li said that his latest update for the game was rejected because it "installed or launched executable code," which is a violation of the App Store guidelines. Li says that he has 14 days to submit an update to remove the functionality. However, he says more
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Epic has failed a new complaint against Google in its antitrust lawsuit against the Tech company. As reported by The Verge, Epic has filed an addendum adding additional details to the lawsuit, including a number of details about Google's monopolistic behavior revealed during recent government probes. Epic's complaint contains mostly sealed information; however, the few bits that are available more
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Streaming giant Netflix has officially confirmed it’s expanding into video games. In its latest financial results published on Tuesday, the company said it was currently “in the early stages” of expanding into games, building on its earlier efforts around interactive television (like Black Mirror Bandersnatch) and its Stranger Things games. Games will be included in members’ Netflix more
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EA is not giving in to the demands of hackers who stole its data, and they’re not happy about it. Last month, it came to light that a group of hackers infiltrated EA‘s servers and made away with source code for FIFA 21, and some Frostbite engine SDKs – over 780GB of data. As is often the case with these sort of hacks, the ultimate goal is to extort some amount of money from the more
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The Epic v. Apple lawsuit has concluded in the United States, pending a judgment that could still be several weeks or even a few months away. But like that U2 album that Apple gave away for free, the suit will never actually go away and tends to pop up when you least expect it. The case is now set to be heard separately in Australia. The Gamer reports that after Epic began the legal challenge more
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This year’s Summer Games Done Quick has raised a grand total of $2.9m for Doctors Without Borders – or Médecins Sans Frontières – over the course of a week. The annual event has been another massive success, with the final figure coming in at over $2,904,585 from over 40,000 donations over the course of the marathon. The GDQ team dropped a huge $250,000 into the tracker towards the more
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The first update for the preview build of Windows 11 is live with an accompanying blog post that details all the changes, fixes, and bugs we should be on the lookout for. Some of the existing changes in Windows 11 include a UI revamp, AutoHDR for gaming, and a change in the BSOD; this week's update focuses on the Windows 11 taskbar.
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There are plenty of questions about how various PCs are going to be able to upgrade to Windows 11. Will Windows 7 and Windows 8 users be able to upgrade? Will it be free? How do you go about upgrading? Lenovo has released a Windows 11 FAQ (via Windows Latest) that covers this very subject, and on that page is the revelation that Windows 7 users are only going to be able to upgrade to Windows more
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Could the cryptocurrency boom be starting to ease off in China? Sales of graphics cards from mining groups seems to suggest it may well be. Not to speak too soon, but Taiwanese PC builders spotted heaps of GPUs up for grabs in China, cards likely once used to mine cryptocurrencies but seemingly no longer worth the hassle. According to a screenshot from a mining group posted to PTT, a popular more
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Microsoft today released the first-ever Windows 11 build to Insiders in the Dev channel, bringing build 22000.51. While most of the announced features made it to the build, there are a few missing ones such as support for Android apps. The firm also posted a few known issues for the release. In addition to the build, the company has also posted clarification about the confusion surrounding the more
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