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The battle royale mode is obviously Fortnite’s main attraction, but as a dedicate playerbase would tell you, its PvE mode Save the World is no slouch either. Where Battle Royale is free to play, though, Save the World isn’t, which is something that was about to change this year. That, however, is no longer the case. In an update posted on their blog, Epic Games have confirmed that the free more
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VR has probably never been more appealing to the mass market than it is currently, thanks to cheaper mass market VR hardware finally being available, and the release of some VR killer apps such as Astro Bot for the PlayStation VR. And yet, amidst this new surge of enthusiasm for the VR market comes the gloomy pronouncement regarding its current prospects by a company that has previously jumped more
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In the latest episode of the never-ending Fortnite drama, Cube Island has returned to Leaky Lake and now appears to be summoning something from the sky. That's right, the Cube Island has returned home and has shot up a purple light into the sky. What this is, who knows, but it appears to be the early stages of a rift opening.
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Intel has revealed the new 9th Generation processors which will reach speeds up to 5 Ghz. The new processors are aimed at enthusiasts like gamers and video editors. The new processors are an upgrade to the older processors and will allow better overclocking.
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If you thought Epic Games wouldn't release new items with tonight's Fortnite store update after it added the new Jack Gourdon outfit yesterday, well, you thought wrong. Not only did tonight's store update come packing a new outfit, but it came with a second new outfit, a new glider, and a new harvesting tool. Dubbed the Arachnid Gear, the new items feature two new outfits, Arachne and Spider more
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Last year, the team over at Epic Games had a festive Halloween in Fortnite's humble beginnings with themed-skin, the Skull Trooper, and that epic Pumpkin Rocket Launcher. Now it looks like the studio is teasing the Halloween festivities' return. It looks like the Ghoul Trooper might be making its way back into the game which is perfect timing considering the Skull Trooper recently made its more
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It appears that Epic Games may soon add customizable gravity options to Fortnite's Playground Mode. News of the potential new feature comes way of FNBR Leaks, who stumbled across the mention of a gravity multiplier in the game's files. In addition to a reference to a gravity multiplier, there is also references to different sized moons and planets, as well as an asteroid.
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Hang it up, 2018. Hang it up, every future Twitter interaction. Hang it up, Internet. Hang it up, human race. Nothing is going to top this. Earlier today, Elon Musk, via the power of Twitter, took an opportunity to troll Epic Games. And like most things the business magnate and inventor does, it went viral.
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It's Friday. And like virtually every Friday night, Epic Games has released a brand-new outfit as part of the day's Fortnite store update. This time, it's another Halloween outfit and the previously leaked Jack Gourdon skin. Sporting a giant pumpkinhead, a pumpkin themed suit, an orange tie, and an expression like he just matched up with three default skins in squads, Jack Gourdon is "Epic" more
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A new Fortnite leak suggests that rideable animals -- also known as mounts -- may soon be coming to the game via a future update. Said leaks comes courtesy of the game's files, where there's a mention of an "Antelope" Vehicle in the "Drivable Vehicles" folder. And while it's possible that Antelope could be the name of a future vehicle, it seems more likely that it is the first reference to more
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