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It's been a bumpy road for Samsung's Galaxy Fold handset. After the foldable smartphone was announced ahead of MWC, the company opened pre-orders in April and shut them down a day later. After handing them out to reviewers, several of them started noticing that the display didn't work properly. Earlier today, it was reported that Samsung delayed its product launches in China, Singapore, and more
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Amazon music and alexa are teaming up to bring alexa users amazon music for free. Much as it is on spotify, starting today, amazon music will be free to play on alexa as long as users don’t mind listening to ads. Now, Alexa users can simply say, “Alexa, play Beyonce” and they will instantly be listening to Single Ladies or any other one of Beyonce’s hit songs. It is important to note more
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Next week, Samsung's Galaxy Fold will become the first phone with a foldable display to arrive into consumers' homes. For years, companies have teased foldable displays, so the technology finally arriving to market is a very big deal. Since this is a first-generation device, there are plenty of limitations and there are also bound to be issues. Apparently, one of the first major problems has more
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New reports about Apple’s mobile gaming platform called Apple Arcade suggest that the company is preparing to spend over half a billion dollars on its new service. Apple Arcade is a service coming soon which unites over 100 mobile games under a subscription fee, though it’s not known how much it’ll cost to subscribe. The report from the Financial Times did give some insight into what the more
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Nvidia has officially released the first set of drivers that bring ray tracing to non-RTX GPUs. Not every single GTX card is supported, of course, but most of the Pascal line is. That being the 1060 (6GB) all the way up to the Titan XP. The recently released GTX 1660 and 1660 Ti, as well as the Titan Volta are also included. Nvidia says these cards will only be capable of “low-ray more
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SpaceX launched the company’s Falcon Heavy rocket on its inaugural commercial mission on Thursday evening. This is the second flight for Falcon Heavy, which became the most powerful rocket in use in the world after SpaceX’s successful test flight in February 2018. That launch was purely demonstration — Thursday represents the first revenue-generating flight of Falcon Heavy. Falcon more
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The Baller has been a go-to vehicle for Fortnite players at any stage of the game since it was added, but it’s especially been useful near the end of the match. To combat the overwhelming presence of Ballers rolling around in the last few circles, Epic Games announced a plan to nerf the vehicle so that players can damage those who use it through the structures’ glass surfaces. Originally more
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Microsoft announced a host of new features and additions for the windows 10 xbox game bar today. all the game bar features are going into beta this month and a number of them available now. spotify and chat integration are the biggest part of this update. microsoft announced the new features in a blog post earlier today. the company touched on its renewed commitment to pc gaming on windows 10, more
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The slow march of progress moves on for Steam users as a new Valve survey reports that as of March 2019, roughly 70 percent of its gaming base has upgraded or purchased a Windows 10 powered rig to play their favorite titles. The rise of Windows 10 as the Steam players prefered choice has been a slog as Windows 7 usage pestered Microsoft’s adoption hopes as it held a favorable share for close more
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Quick, name the biggest fear or misgiving people have with a new Google project. Apart from the common (well-founded) meme that Google shuts down projects every few weeks, the biggest issue people have with the company is its utter disregard for user privacy. The company is, after all, a business built on selling user information. So will the upcoming Stadia, Google’s streaming-only gaming more
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