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When Discord launched in 2015, the service was created with gamers specifically in mind. Chat options in online games were fairly limited, prompting the creation of a tool that has proven quite invaluable. Over the last five years, the service has evolved beyond that initial concept, as users have found several other ways of taking advantage of Discord. With that in mind, Discord has announced more
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Reedpop has announced that EGX 2020, due to take place September 17-20, has been cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In its place EGX will team up with PAX Online to create EGX Digital, a free nine day 24-hour online event taking place September 12-20 with help from VG247, Dicebreaker, Eurogamer, US Gamer and Rock, Paper, Shotgun, amongst others. Replacing a physical event, more
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Twitch streamer and former esports pro Byron 'Reckful' Bernstein reportedly has passed away on July 2 after taking his own life. His ex-girlfriend, BlueGoesMew, posted the news on Twitter. "Yes, it’s him. He’s gone," they said, after fans grew concerned over the 31-year-old's wellbeing following tweets he'd posted. "I’ve been having a panic attack for an hour. I don’t know what to more
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Apple is expected to release the iPhone 12 later this year and rumors of the specifications have been making the rounds for a while. Other interesting titbits regarding the in-box accessories have also been reported, such as the possible exclusion of EarPods in the box. Now, renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has today added to that information (via MacRumors), suggesting that the company will not be more
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With the recent death of Mixer, gamers are going to be looking for new places to go besides Twitch and Facebook Gaming. They may soon have another option — it looks like Spotify Gaming may be launching at some point in the future, although we’re still not entirely sure that it’s real. We got our first hints of this potential upcoming service thanks to a tweet from Elgato Gaming’s more
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Microsoft has confirmed it is closing all of its Microsoft Store locations across the world. An anonymous source told The Verge that the plan to shutter its stores was underway ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the global impact of the virus "accelerated" the closures. Four of its premium locations will be retained – New York City (Fifth Ave), London (Oxford Circus), Sydney (Westfield more
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During a video released on Friday, Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg brought back "Fridays with PewDiePie," a segment in which he discusses his personal life with his viewers. One viewer took the opportunity to ask the streamer whether or not he ever considered retiring from YouTube over the years. Perhaps unsurprisingly, PewDiePie replied that he was considering doing just that in 2019, before taking more
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Dr Disrespect sponsors GameFuel and Razer have reinstated the ad campaigns they ran in unison with the streamer, despite his mysterious Twitch ban. Both sponsors previously removed the campaigns from their site and social media pages, though they have now reappeared and caused further confusion among those still questioning why Twitch severed ties with the internet personality. Dr Disrespect, more
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Donald Trump has been temporarily suspended from Twitch, with the platform citing “hateful conduct” that appeared on the channel officially associated with the U.S. president’s re-election campaign. Twitch flagged videos of the president’s recent rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the 2015 press conference in which he claimed without evidence that Mexico was sending drug dealers and rapists more
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Twitch is far and away the dominant force in the livestreaming market, but Chinese conglomerate Tencent may be getting ready to take a shot at the title. A Bloomberg report says the company has been "quietly testing" a mobile-focused livestreaming platform in the US since at least March, and it's now preparing to launch a $30 million partnership program that will kick off in July. Trovo is more
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