Jack Tretton revealed a new piece of hardware: A TV. And some 3D glasses. Available in one $499 bundle this fall, the 3D-enabled 24-inch television includes a pair of PlayStation-branded 3D glasses (extra glasses are available for $69.99 separately), a six foot HDMI cable and a copy of Resistance 3. Best of all, the screen includes some clever technology which allows two players looking at the more
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It proved an early challenge for hackers, but they have done it. They have managed to fully dump 3DS ROMS according to third party reports. It is claimed that roms from hit titles such as Super Monkey Balls 3D have been dumped. Although they can't be used as there are no compatible flashcards.
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Over 13 minutes of Modern Warfare 3! Get ready for the invasion with this lengthy gameplay demo from E3 2011! Infinity Ward has revealed the first ever gameplay video for their sure to be monster hit, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. How’s it look? jump to the read more for the video
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During EA's E3 press conference, DICE – besides showing off a jaw-dropping tank demo – debuted Battlefield 3's multiplayer with the short but long enough to get us drooling trailer you see here. It's got everything you've come to expect of a Battlefield game; just enjoy. EA has announced Battlefield 3 for an October 25th release and a multiplatform open beta in September. EA and Dice look to more
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During the Microsoft E3 press conference today it was announced that the Xbox Live dashboard will be getting an update, complete with a redesign that resembles the recently revealed Windows 8. The new version of the software will feature voice commands via Kinect, Microsoft’s search engine Bing and Youtube. There will also be a new live TV feature that will allow you to watch TV through your more
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Were you underwhelmed by Microsoft's Kinect-heavy press conference and the notable absence of any long-overdue Xbox Live infrastructure improvements? So were we! Which is why the legitimately exciting post-conference announcement of "Cloud Storage for Game Saves and Live Profiles" is all the more confusing. Instead of a splashy stage presentation, the reveal was buried in a recap email from more
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Rather than taking a queue from Hothead Games and going with a bacon-themed title, Microsoft instead chose to name its new Xbox Live notification tool "Beacons." So close! General manager of Xbox Live Marc Whitten detailed the new service in a post-E3 conference letter to the gaming press, explaining that the service will act as an alert system, pinging users with information about friends more
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A total of six multiplayer maps from Halo: Combat Evolved will be playable in Halo: Reach's online multiplayer -- and Halo 2's "Damnation." Halo: CE Anniversary will not support Xbox Live multiplayer whatsoever (outside of co-op). These maps are for loading into Halo: Reach (think: ODST), according to comments made by 343 Industries' Frank O'Connor on Spike TV
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At microsoft’s E3 conference they announced that there number 1 exclusive driving game forza 4 will release on october 11th 2011.The game also has many new features, including a slew of community items and the Kinect functionality.
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Man, Mojang's little indie darling is getting some major mileage with the gaming industry's biggest players. The Microsoft E3 press conference brought the announcement that Minecraft would be making its way to Xbox 360 with some unexplained Kinect support this Winter. No other details were announced, but we're thrilled to punch trees to extract logs using our real hands. Update: Microsoft has more
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