You’d think we would be talking about Modern Warfare 3, but then, you would be wrong. Before Sledgehammer got drafted to join Infinity Ward to work on MW3, the San Francisco-based studio was creating an action/adventure spin-off for the highly popular series. Regardless, word has it that the virtually oblivious title has actually not been forgotten. “Right now Sledgehammer’s 100% focused more
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Sony has recently released the PlayStation 3 Firmware update v3.66 so plan accordingly. It's a mandatory install if you plan on heading on to the PlayStation Network so make sure you've put some time aside to download and install the new firmware next time you're looking to spend some quality time with your PS3. The update is said to increase system stability, but aside from keeping PS3 more
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Retailer indications suggest that the PlayStation Vita will release early in 2012. According to, it doesn't look like Sony's next big thing will be making store shelves for holiday 2011, but it should arrive just in time to spend your Christmas cash on the handheld. The date leaked from customer emails that were issued by to people that have already pre-ordered the more
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FIFA 12, the annual installment of the popular football (er, soccer?) franchise is coming to the US on September 27, followed by a European release on September 30 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Of note is the Impact Engine, formerly only available on HD console versions of the game, which will be coming to PC’s as well. This means PC players can expect realistic challenges for the ball as well more
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That one hamburger-stand guy? "Gimme Shelter?" Fifteen dollars floating out of your wallet in anticipation? Yes, it's that time again: Activision posted a new Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC trailer, this one for the "Annihilation" map pack. the video for the trailer can be found in the read more so go check it out
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Jesse Divnich, Vice President of gaming research and analyst company, EEDAR, has spoken a bit about when the next generation of consoles will finally come about. “I have it in my estimates, I think 2013, I think we see a new console in 2013,” he said in an interview with IGN , adding “I think holiday 2013 is when we the Xbox 720 or whatever they want to call it – maybe the Xbox U or more
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The suit, has Microsoft accusing Datel of selling cards which it claims causes Xbox users to violate the the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and US federal law should they use the third-party cards in their system. However, the EFF said the DMCA was instilled to prevent access to copyrighted material by non-paying customers, not created to block “competitors or policing users’ behavior in more
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A new video of Horde 2.0 for Gears of War 3′s been released, showing off the vast improvements for the mode from its introduction back in Gears 2. Boss monsters, custom fortification and thensome. But the goal remains the same: kill plenty of Locust. Do that and you’ll earn money. As a certain games developer once said, this seems to be bigger, better and more badass. Go nuts, Gears more
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The Metropolitan Police have recently arrested a 19 year-old Essex man in connection with a number of website security breaches. The teenager has been arrested in connection with the recent of hacks of many popular websites and services that released both personal and financial information of thousands of people. He is now having his possessions examined for evidence linking him to the PSN more
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The UK Metropolitan Police has confirmed that its Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) has arrested a 19-year-old man in a pre-planned intelligence-led operation.Naked Security is reporting that the arrest has been made in connection to the recent spate of LulzSec attacks. The Met issued a press release today, saying, “The arrest follows an investigation into network intrusions and Distributed more
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