Why does upcoming science-fiction role-playing game Mass Effect 3 support Kinect? Because EA wants more than just core gamers to play it. "Grow the audience and make it more accessible," was EA Games boss Frank Gibeau's to-the-point answer when Eurogamer asked the question. "Mass Effect has a fairly complicated combat system. You've got story and choice. For some fans that don't buy 12 more
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Who would have guess it? Microsoft begins their conference with a campaign level of Modern Warfare 3. Afterwards we just get a thanks from Sledgehammer games and Infinity Ward. We can expect the game at November 8th.
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For those not tuned in to this year's Microsoft E3 Press conference, Halo 4 has just been confirmed. The E3 preview beings with Master Chief breaking out of a cryo-chamber to a hysterical Cortana, only to find his ship crashing down towards a large planet. Little else is know about the game, but one thing is know: Halo 4 is due to release in Fall 2012. The official E3 trailer can be watched below.
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A premium membership to Call of Duty: Elite will include full access to all DLC released for Modern Warfare 3 as part of the package, Activision has announced. "I'm very happy to tell you that an Elite membership will be an all-inclusive membership," said Jamie Berger, Activision's VP of Digital speaking about the online Call of Duty: Elite service at a press conference last week. "That means more
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IGN has put up a big list of games that they’re going to be showing on their E3 live feed this year. On the show’s first official day, June 7, the site will be seeing a block of Sony exclusives, followed by a block of Microsoft exclusives, including Gears of War 3 and Forza Motorsport 4. Just after Forza is a listing for a “Super Secret Remake”. Coming from Microsoft camp, there’s more
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With E3 set to kick off in less than 48 hours, rumors are once again flying about Microsoft's press conference news. A report at WinRumors pins Microsoft as revealing an Xbox Live-based streaming television service in the US, previously rumored to be codenamed "Orapa" (after a diamond mining town in Botswana, Africa). Further, the report suggests that the codename has been changed into something more
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Nintendo's confirmed successor to the Wii console, referred to as "Project Cafe", will reportedly have a controller with a six-inch touchscreen at its center. The report comes from the news service Nikkei which states that it will function similarly to how tablet computers are able to play games now, and the touch screen will be in addition to a standard set of controller buttons. According to more
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Sony Pictures tonight confirmed that some of its Web sites were breached yesterday. In a joint statement, Sony Pictures Chairman and CEO Michael Lynton and Co-chairman Amy Pascal said the company has contacted the FBI in an attempt to find out who was behind the cyberattack. Yesterday a group of hackers calling themselves Lulzsec brashly taunted Sony on Twitter saying it would "embarrass" the more
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Fans and players familiar with the FIFA franchise have been looking forward to the upcoming release of FIFA 12 mainly for one reason - the new "Impact Engine" that will apparently give a realism to player reactions and movements never before seen. Today, we finally get to see some snippets of that engine as well as other game components. I would say that from the looks of the video, the more
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Though mostly known for their stranglehold on the sports gaming world, it turns out that Electronic Arts will be showcasing much more than their traditional NFL, NHL, and FIFA franchises. The company has recently released what they plan to show off at this year's E3:It's clear that EA is going all out to prove they can produce much more than updated rosters for sports games from year to year. more
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