Did you know that a football player's vocation requires them to hurtle their head at other football players' heads with little regard for the safety of either? Did you know that this type of reckless cranial colliding can cause concussions and other serious, long-term head injuries? It's true -- but according to the Washington Post, athletic trainers at the University of Maryland and Ohio State more
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Sony is undoubtedly making a big play for triple-A first-party titles this generation, having published some of the most memorable games of this console cycle so far – LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2 and the Uncharted series, to name but a few. Since E3, we’re all now very aware the PS3 creator intends to keep up this trend, with titles Twisted Metal, inFamous 2 and Killzone 3 due to hit store more
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A western demo for PlatinumGames’ high-octane shooter Vanquish has been confirmed. Both Sega of America and Europe announced today that the Shinji Mikami-led TPS can be sampled by both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners in a week’s time (see here for a quick run-through of what to expect); it’ll arrive on North American systems on August 31st, and European ones the following day, on more
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Medal of Honor‘s now-ended multiplayer beta was kind to DICE; according to publisher EA’s community manager Matthew Pruitt, the information gathered from participants has allowed the developer to make a number of significant changes, the most notable of which is a promised “major graphic overhaul.” According to Pruitt, the visuals have been “overhauled and upgraded,” and the more
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BY EUGENE KANG 2:30 PM, AUG. 23RD More on:Red Dead Redemption If you remember hacking or cheating in Red Dead Redemption, then it may be a good idea to get off your invincible horse, put away your aim-bot, and quit your incredibly fortunate blackjack win streak because, come tomorrow, the ban hammer will be paying you a visit. Rockstar Games announced today that starting August 24th, more
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Not only is Medal of Honor‘s single player rooted in the current conflict in Afghanistan, but the multiplayer component lets players assume the role of a Taliban soldier and gun down US troops on the opposing team. If that isn’t the definition of controversy then I don’t know what is (well maybe it’s capping innocents in a Russian airport). It’s taken a while for the whole debate to more
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Below you will find leaked Halo reach screenshot's showing some of the newest things from the upcoming Halo game, Reach. Included with this posting will be HD screenshots of some interesting features in the upcoming game Halo: Reach. Some of the new features shown are as follows: - New armor effects - Character creation options - Network diagnostics menu - Elite armors - New emblem creation menu more
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Prefire, here showing you the new MW2 Quarantine v2 mods which is done on a JTAG in private matches, so nobody was affected online. Quarantine is just the new name for Zombies mode mod. In this game i will be explaining my thoughts on the mod, and what you'll see while I play! Come subscribe to the TheTechGame's Youtube! Click here to download the patch
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Halo: Reach Multiplayer Match on Pinnacle
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Medal Of Honor | Campaign Gameplay with Sniper Gameplay
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