E3 2016: Prey Trailer revealed

During its E3 conference today, Bethesda re-revealed a new Prey game. It will be available next year on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Developer Arkane Studios describes Prey as a “first-person immersive game set in a dangerous universe.”

The CG trailer showcased a male character who awakens on Talos 1 in the year 2032. After a Groundhog's Day-esque series of repetitive, mundane events, it showcased action against a bunch of spooky shadow monsters, and culminated with the character coming face-to-face with another version of himself.

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It looks fun, might try it.


Doesn't look all that bad might give it a try when it comes out .


Graphics are so beautiful on this game


this looks like it will be an intresting story, something i love about games. A campaign that wants you to keep playing and not stop .


Never heard of this game. Will take a closer look down the road


Looks pretty cool. Might pick it up C:


Never heard of it but looks alright.


The game looks good, somewhat like a cross between Doom and Mass Effect maybe? The trailer has piqued my interest, and as such have had a look at the original Prey game from 2006, and as this is going to essentially be a reboot instead of a continuation, I think it is going to work out better. The reason being is that it means that players who are not familiar with the 2006 original won't be left behind in terms of story, and it means that the game is being completely redone for current-gen, leaving the possibility of any old-gameplay style feel out of the question if that makes sense.


I don't know if it's the fact that I haven't played a single video game in over six months, or if these games really do look this good.

But I'm excited.


Looks interesting, may pick it up.