Red Dead Redemption 2 Image Possibly Leaks – Rumor

One of the things that most people have wanted from Rockstar at this point is a sequel to Red Dead Redemption, the open world hit western that Rockstar released to widespread acclaim in 2010. And while the question of a follow up to the game of some sort – a sequel, a remaster, a port, or even just being able to play it via the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility – has often been brought up, Rockstar themselves remain tight lipped on the matter, fueling speculation, but refusing to comment on it.

However, now an image has emerged that may be evidence of a new Red Dead game in the works at Rockstar- you can see this image above, and it seems to indicate either a Red Dead remaster, or actually, a new game (the setting seems to be completely new). The source of this image is via Reddit and the GTAForums, who noticed it, but the image itself actually comes from the portfolio of one Matt Clyne, who worked at Rockstar for over a decade, and may conceivably have been involved in a new Red Dead game.

So, is this the real deal? Is this just an internal project? Could we be seeing a new Red Dead game at E3 this year, or possibly announced by this year end? Will it actually come to PC for a change this time? Sound off in the comments below!

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I hope this is real!!!! I've been waiting so long!


I enjoyed the Original game so it would be nice to have another if its done correctly!


ive played red dead redemption at my friends house... before my mom told me i had to go... i havnt asked for her to buy it..


thewes123 Remastered more likely, a sequel would be great tho!

The building in the picture isn't in Redemption. However, the two different terrains in the background look familiar.
It could be the same map but set in another time period or same story but from another perspective.


Remastered more likely, a sequel would be great tho!


I didn't like red dead redemption, but I did enjoy the Undead redemption, hopefully they add that into the game!


This would be awesome if it's true! Graphics look pretty dope.


I hope this is true. I'll be putting 100+ hours into this game.


I so hope that this is true


The first two were great. I hope this one is just as good.