New Xbox Code-named ‘Scorpio’, Will Have More Powerful GPU, 4K Support

Sony isn’t the only one seemingly planning for a more powerful console with 4K resolution support. According to sources speaking to Kotaku, Microsoft is planning to do the same with Scorpio.

This is the code name for a 2017 iteration of the Xbox One which will have a more powerful GPU that can support Oculus Rift (whom Microsoft is pursuing a partnership with). This year will see the release of a compact Xbox One that could arrive in the fourth quarter. Three individuals speaking anonymously noted that they weren’t really meant to reveal Microsoft’s plans at this stage. Imagine that. Another source noted that the compact Xbox One would have a 2 TB hard disk.

As for Scorpio, development sources were concerned that even with a GPU upgrade for 4K resolution support, there’s currently no plan for an I/O transfer speed upgrade, which could lead to games having longer loading times due to the larger 4K assets.

Take this all with a grain of salt as usual but it should be interesting to see what Microsoft announces at E3 2016.

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Is it just me or have people became more, and more ignorant on this website?
They said nothing of what it's gonna be, and people already complain, even before shit comes out.
A lot of people, are full of opinions, and not facts. If you haven't seen the price, design, components, or know it even exists... It is already being bashed on.
If don't have the money, don't buy it, and save your complaining.
If don't want it then, don't buy it, explain why, then get on with your life.
If it's not even on the market yet, and you're complaining "it's gonna be garbage", then shut the hell up.

I'm well aware, of how much time I wasted, especially on the internet, where stupidity is infinite. No need to explain.


Lmao and you're gonna break your bank on that and a 4K TV


I sold my Xbox One now they're adding a better quality console. What is life?


This is bs I just got the Xbox one and now they're making a better one.


Well that's going to be a new selling point, although I feel a lot of people are negating there attention to computers.


I dont think this will split the player base at all, im sure MS have a little plan in action.
its no different on pc. if I play cod on ultra settings and someone else is on low settings it does not mean we cannot play against or with each other.
food for thought :)


so xbox one 2.0? is it only going to support 4k? will it be able to play xbox one games or with other users? this is all confusing and all companies want is the monies.


Half-Blood-Prince if its coming out in 2017 i will probably pick it up!

Haha same here "Code Named Scorpio" sounds so good.


Really don't see the need of this honestly , I'll just stick with PC . Graphics don't matter much to me