Amazon Leaks New Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games Including Skate 2

Amazon appears to have leaked a huge selection of new backwards compatible games that will launch on the Xbox One next month. The games that will be released for the Xbox One are mostly EA published games including Skate 2 and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Xbox One backwards compatibility launched in November last year and new games are added almost every week to every month. The games that are added have no announcement before they are released and most remain a surprise until they are made backwards compatible. Amazon appears to have leaked the following EA games coming to backwards compatibility, according to the listing made on the sales page for each of the games.

Dragon Age II
Skate 2
Fight Night Round 4
Burnout Revenge
Fable Anniversary
Crackdown 2
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Among the games listed above, Halo: ODST and SSX were also rumored to be coming soon to Xbox One backwards compatibility but we haven’t heard anything officially about them yet.

Microsoft will host their E3 2016 press conference on June 14th so it is highly likely that they are going to announce a big list of games coming to Xbox One backwards compatibility at their E3 conference. We will get an official confirmation of the list of games and possibly more at the upcoming E3.

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What the huh?! Skate 3 was in progress for over 6 months.. They teased us with skate 3 for more then a half year. Skate 2 wasn't even announced to be in progress.


Mickers Skate 2 over 3? What the actual shit.

Right. That don't make any sense.


Skate 2 over 3? What the actual shit.


If only they would release skate 3


I **** love the Skate series, but Skate 2 is my least favorite out of all 3 games made, I'll definitely be playing this because it's better than nothing, but I can't wait until Skate 3 comes to BC.


get some good games on back compat ffs. nfs is the only good game out of this...


Ive never been a big fan of any of the skate games, but will definitely play crack down and need for speed


Why Skate 2 and not Skate 3? Well i guess it would still be nice to have a Skate game to play.


Been waiting for a skate game for ages. hope this comes through


WaW pls none of these games interests me except Crackdown 2 & Fable