Call of Duty: Black Ops Added to Xbox One backwards compatibility

The original Call of Duty: Black Ops will soon be available on Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

No official announcements were made. Instead, Eurogamer spotted a listing of the game via the Xbox 360 dashboard that reads, “COD: Black Ops – Now Plays on Xbox One.”

This likely appeared ahead of schedule, as is usually the case, but it means fans will soon be able to play Treyarch’s Xbox 360 shooter on Xbox One.

This is shown alongside the game’s cover art.

Larry Hryb confirmed on Twitter that Black Ops has been added to Xbox One Backward compatibility

Thank you /Fountains for the tip

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This is brilliant news im dont really like this game anymore but if it comes out then i will be smashing it just to re live some old memories and hopefully i start to like it again!


I have the game downloaded but for me it isn't allowing me to play the game. it says "This game might not be playable yet. If you are sure its been released, restart your Xbox and launch it again." I've done a hard restart with no success.


Well at least this still works on PC.


It's out; Call of Duty: Black Ops is now available on Xbox One Backward Compatibility. See the full list here:, - Message from Major Nelson


I jumped around with joy once i saw that Black Ops comes out today. Been waiting so long to play an amazing game. OG zombies, here i come!


Finally they listen, is it out today?? How do you even do it?


Oh it's lit today then if it comes out today.


Had to go find my old disc, but I did. Can't wait for this.


I am over the moon, 3rd favourite cod finally available on Xbox one.


Legit will be watching all day today for it. One can hope