Xbox 360 discontinued: what were your favorite games?

Let’s salute the sun setting on one of the best home consoles ever.

The Xbox 360 has been discontinued. Microsoft will continue to support live services, but the console itself has been put to rest.

we wanted to celebrate this ground-breaking hardware, this king among consoles.

So we want to remember the system for its biggest strength – it’s amazing list of video games.

Please tell us yours in the comments below.

Some on our list
Trials HD
Halo 2
Call of Duty 4
Red Dead Redemption

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Halo 3, BO2, MW2, WaW, CoD 4.
Sad end of an era


Halo 3 and MW2 have to be my favorite


Halo 3 and L4D2, two of my all time favorites


Cod 4, MW2, MW3, WAW, BO1, BO2, Rdr, Halo 3

There were so many great games on the 360.


It's sad to see that they're not making the Xbox 360 anymore.
Some of my favorite Xbox 360 games are:
CoD: World at War
CoD 4
Halo 3
Halo Reach
Gears of War 3


All my favourite games are on the 360, the day the servers are shut down will be a sad day for me.
This was the best console I owned and the one that got me into gaming. MW2 especially


Red dead redemption
Call of duty 4
Modern warfare 2
Gears of War 2 & 3
Crackdown 1 & 2
Left 4 Dead & LFD 2
Call of duty black ops
FIFA Street
Grand theft auto 4, The ballad of Gay Tony, and The Lost demand
Rock Band blitz

I can go on forever, the 360 will always be my favorite console


Red Dead Redepmtion
Gears of War
Halo 3
Halo Reach (campaign)


It has to be halo 3 all the way i know cod was good but halo was only for xbox


COD4 and MW2 were and still are both my favourite games, Im upset they have discontinued Xbox 360 i had all my best memories on that, So i guess Xbox Modding is going to be dead in a few more years or so.

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