Xbox One sales top 20 million units - Report

Just a few days ago we reported to you on the PlayStation 4 once again surpassing Xbox One sales in the month of February. Despite efforts such as backward compatibility, bundles, cross-buy, and even the release of new titles to the Tomb Raider and Forza franchises, the NPD report made it apparent that Microsoft is still lagging behind Sony in console sales. While Microsoft does not release official sale figures for consoles, VGChartz is a website which gives out fairly accurate estimates for console sales, and they too now are showing statistics that are not necessarily in Microsoft and Xbox’s favor.

While the statistical methods behind figure can be argued about, as of March 5th, the website is listing that Microsoft has sold about 20.4 million Xbox consoles. This is still a bit far behind their listing of Sony’s 38.8 million PS4 consoles sold. The website, however, has proven to be fairly accurate with its listings and is close to Sony’s most recent official PS4 sales figure of over 36 million units sold.

Nonetheless, it has still been a good internal year for Microsoft and Xbox. The company has said that exclusive games sales for the Xbox One were up by 49 percent compared to February 2015. Microsoft even further mentioned that the number of hours spent by Xbox users has dramatically increased by a whopping 93 percent.

Compared to a few years ago with the Xbox 360, Microsoft has now shown a clearer understanding of the wants and needs of gamers. The company has listened to the feedback of fans in the Xbox Preview program by releasing a new Xbox One dashboard experience, and even released a new 1 TB systems for those storage hungry gamers.

Do you think Microsoft will ever catch up to Sony in console sales? The topic sure can be controversial, so be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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PS4 > Xbox. Sony have finally done it


Looking at this graph again im Surprised that 3DS sold so much


In all honesty, i'd rather pick my XB1 over Sony nonsense anyway.


It's funny how some customers on PS4 care so much about how their system has more sales than Xbox. Who cares? I don't see why some people care about it there console have more sales, when some of them never had a job before.


I'm considering selling my xb1 and going back to 360, just due to the games which I prefer. Such as older cods. Maybe if they were to be released on the newer consoles the sales would increase.


wow the 3ds i thought the xbox would have been good?


Very surprising that the 3DS has almost 60 million sales! I did not expect that.


I never realised that the PS4 has almost double the sales, almost doesn't seem right.


baffled by the 3ds sales tbh lol


Good for Xbox but PS4 is my preferred console.