GTA Online: Be My Valentine update is now live

Be My Valentine update for Grand Theft Auto Online is now live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The update brings back the Albany Roosevelt in an updated form and a bunch of new clothing and accessories - along with the return of everything from the previous Valentine's Day update.

Also coming back is the Gusenberg Sweeper, which is a Tommy Gun style machine gun that was only available back in 2014. A new adversary mode will be added called, "Til Death Us Do Part" and that will go live on February 12th.


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Only if I could treat girls in real life the way I will treat them in GTA


I'm ready to blow some money on some hookers. WOOHOO


This will be great why I sit at home with no girlfriend playing GTA. I will probably buy a few things.


Wubs Glad to see they Update during alot of holidays, especially for us loners on Valentines Day :(

Least we have the strippers in the game to help :(


Glad to see they Update during alot of holidays, especially for us loners on Valentines Day :(


I'm GTA Poor so I won't be on buying lol


Sweet looks sick ima buy all the things


I like the valentines day update, I already had the Roosevelt but im not purchasing the Valor because both of the cars are just not worth purchasing in my opinion.


519 Its soo gay that you have to buy the cars, I wish they went back to having everything free :/

I don't mind buying shit it's just everything is so damn expensive. Like they expect the average player to carry 1m+ on them seriously..

this what keeps it fun, you need cash so you do missons. I have over a billion and I only free roam for a free cause I have money and high rank


Thank god, I never got to buy the Roosevelt the last time it was out!
Love buying new cars.