Next List of Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible Titles Coming Soon

We’re midway through January and Microsoft has yet to reveal this month’s list of backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles for the Xbox One. Thankfully, it seems the list is on its way according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer. It’s just a few games that are being looked over currently.

On Twitter, Spencer was asked when the next list could be expected. He stated that, “Have a couple more games doing the final run through on, wanted to wait until we had the full list, not too much longer.”

Xbox 360 backwards compatibility for the Xbox One debuted in November with the New Xbox One Experience. More than 100 games were available at the time of support though fans obviously wanted more.

What are your thoughts of the Xbox 360 titles currently available right now? Which games would you like to see in the near future? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more information on the same.

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They should have done this from day one.


Puggelicious They need to add Halo 3 to the Xbox One. WTF is wrong with people

What is the point of making Halo 3 BC if you can just play it on the MCC?


They need to add Halo 3 to the Xbox One. WTF is wrong with people


This idea was great to be added in to the xbox one. Hope they eventually get most xbox 360 games on the xbox one.


I think everyone is just waiting for one of the good old cods to come back, would be so awesome and so many people would be playing it can't wait for it


DezBryant lmao Im waiting for some call of dutys

Thats the only thing I care about as well.. Hopefully they come soon but I doubt it. Microsoft isn't even listening to the vote system they put in place. None of the top 10 games are even in progress its just disappointing to say the least and its not even difficult to do backwards compatibility. Its just an emulator that turns our xbox one back into a 360. I think activision is being difficult with it because they don't want their downsydrome of a baby black ops 3 & its sales/season pass sales to go down


Well ummmmm when's BO1 coming..


lmao Im waiting for some call of dutys


I am just waiting for Black Ops 1 to be backwards compatible. I would love to play some zombies with friends.


Nice, I wanna see some Left 4 dead 2, that would be amazing!

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