Xbox Live Problems Currently Across Xbox One, 360 and Windows 10

Xbox Live is currently experiencing issues on all platforms, including Xbox One, Xbox 360, as you can see in the surge of reports on DownDetector, at the bottom of the post. Even the Xbox App on Windows 10 is affected, preventing users from logging in and reporting a 0x87DD0005 error.

The official status page also appears to be inaccessible, showing that the issues span across Microsoft’s gaming services.

As usual, we’ll keep you updated on how the situation develops from now on.

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Mickers So this is why the fifa glitch was not working...

What FIFA glitch is that...?


So this is why the fifa glitch was not working...


I haven't had any problems, typically they fix these issues very VERY quickly.


Yes black ops 1 is not working, cannot find a match at all.


Only got disconnected once apart from that everything was working for me...


I didn't get disconnected at all during this but games wouldnt work properly


I have been playing online fine, whenever they say its down i can play fine? is it just US based?


gtapro151 I have 1 day a week to play **** games and its down this is such bs. like we pay to play and still no play? nothing will work it all redirects you to the dam network screen

You can only play one day a week? Tell your mommy to let you play more? Lmao

I play 1 day a week because i have a family to support i.e. a job to go to....and you?
Want some aloe for that burn


I didnt have any login issues when the first report came out, O_O been online since xD


When I hoped on my Xbox for the first time, I had no issues signing in.