Xbox Live second outage this month, 'Lizard Squad' hints at more attacks

Ready to settle into a long night/day of gaming? Well, if you own an Xbox One or Xbox 360, think again. It looks like the hacking group 'Lizard Squad' has struck once more, decreeing via their official Twitter channel that "Xbox Live #offline."

This isn't the first time that 'Lizard Squad' has caused an outage for Xbox Live, with the previous outage occurring on December 1st. At the moment, Xbox and Xbox support Twitter accounts have not reported any issues with Xbox Live, hopefully they will be able to resolve this issue quickly.

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I was so mad when i couldnt play. I hate these guys


This is really annoying. And very immature.


Vladimer This must be just for 360. I was playing GBs and Tournaments all weekend on the one.

Yup, my friends One was working fine, my 360 was ded :/


These hackers must not be getting nothing for Christmas or something


They are supposed to be taking out a lot of major servers on Christmas day, i hope that never comes to a fulfillment though :(


I am getting really annoyed by this Mentally Retarded Lizard's.


Kimbrel Most of you who are claiming that you haven't had any problems must not be on Xbox's been unplayable for at least a good hour each time Lizard Squad attacked. I wish Anonymous would go after them like they used to go after pointless hacking groups but it sounds like they won't be doing anything.

Completely fake. Anonymous even said on Twitter that they like Lizard Squad and that they believe that Lizard Squad is helping people by forcing them to turn off their Xbox....


This must be just for 360. I was playing GBs and Tournaments all weekend on the one.


Potion They say its offline yet i have been able to login everyday for the past week without problem.

You must be logging in at times after it's done then.. It has been off twice now by them.

Doubt he has. I've been logged in all day everyday ever since they started attacking xbl. I haven't been kicked off at all.

These guys just suck at what they do.

Why would I lie about being kicked off? That's stupid. The NA servers have been off considering everyone on my friends list has been too.. lol


JRMH It's sad that I have nothing better to do than play Xbox right now, but it's bullshit. I'm all for them DDOS'ing xbl on like a tuesday at 12pm, where people shouldn't be playing anyway. It's ridiculous.

Says the guy who is on a gaming website at the same time....

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