Apple changes 'free' button to 'get'

The Apple iTunes and Mac App Stores have converted from labeling games with in-app purchases as "free," instead inviting you to "get" them. As TechCrunch reports, this follows a similar change by Google under pressure from the European Commission.

There is an odd inconsistency to the change. First-party Apple apps appear to still be "free," while all other free apps, whether they have in-app purchases or not are "get." Under the "get" button there is a notation if there are in-app purchases.

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This looks really weird when I go into the app store. I kinda want them to change it back.


-Velocity hate it, looks unprofessional

I completely agreed with you.

I agree too, preferred the free thing, such a small petty thing to change as well, and is unliked by many :/


Tiffxny I feel like they waste their time on stupid little things thst don't effect the use of the phone.

it so stop people complaining that their kids are spending so much money on a game labeled as free.
Andriod changed the free section to just "games"

Ohhh that makes a little sence.

It's a bit stupid the devs putting in $70 micro transactions on mobile games anyway, because only kids want them, or people with a very questionable judgement. Who in their right mind would want to pay almost $100 just for 2 cars on a mobile racing game!?

You'd be surprised. Racing rivals, players there spent over $1,000 before the game went to shit.


-Velocity hate it, looks unprofessional

I completely agreed with you.


I thought there was something different about it :P


hmmmm, so this is news now?


Not much of a difference. But its apple they don't like "Free" things so I guess thats probbly why :)


I, lost I really don't see the point in this Oh well


really pointless. No need for this change imo


I dont really understand this to be honest..

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