No quick-scoping in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, promises SH

Sledgehammer’s Michael Condry is promising no quick-scoping in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Speaking to 3 News, he said that the development team has worked hard to balance classes, leaving less room to exploit auto-aim and diminish the semi-realistic nature of the shooter.

“Let me put it this way, sniper classes are not going to be overpowered relative to their peers,” he said. “The ability to master a sniper rifle and be great at it will be equal to the ability to master any other class.

“We’ve done some things to make sure snipers are not able to take advantage of their properties – for example, there are attachments based on weapon classes that are specific. The ability to quick-draw with an assault rifle is important, but you don’t want to have the ability to quick-draw with a sniper rifle because that lends itself to being a faster, quick-scope model.

“We spent a lot of time trying to focus on it so I think sniper class players will find that it’s a really rewarding experience, but it won’t be over-powered relative to their peers.”

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is out November 3 for Day Zero pre-orders.

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They say this every year but it always tends to be in the game.


Sage This isnt something you can stop XD no matter what there is going to be a group of ppl trying too quickscope it just call of duty tradition

It really isn't, lol. It started in MW2, I don't recall people doing it in CoD 2 at the time...

OT: This is probably the best news and best thing CoD has done to this date since MW2. Although their will still be those kids that will try and accomplish it, at least this will put pressure on them and hopefully they get over it. I'm tired of all the kids yelling and getting mad when someone doesn't 'trickshot' or 'quickscope', like get over yourselves honestly.

Lol CoD 4 was the first in the series with multiplayer and I'm guessing you're one of those people who hate quick scoping because you suck at it.

BeastlyxAsian Lol CoD 4 was the first in the series with multiplayer

What. Every Call of Duty has had multiplayer except for that one World at War spin-off for the PS2.


Well that's a let down for a few people but I'll will still be buying this game


Yeah right, that's why there Is video of people quick scoping right? Same thing was said about Ghosts but people can still quick scope on that too.


Someone will figure something out to do with the game.


hopefully that shi.... comes to an end because qs and trickshotting ruined the whole genre


they think there is going to be no qs but we always find a way (anyone remember bo1) LOL


Well there goes most youtubers! I guess they will have to go back to the old cods again...


Thank god, i hate Quick scopers nothing but useless team mates when they are in your team and only care about there stupid QS shots.


Wasn't getting this anyway, but now heres another reason not too.

Don't see why it's been taken out, most fun part about COD....

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